Louisville is an easy place to live well.


Discover one of the countless reasons to plant your feet in Louisville, a step above the rest. Greater Louisville is a city grounded in the belief that compassion carries us all forward. Plus, there’s something to do around every affordable corner, and friendly faces to help you along the way. Explore one of the countless reasons you’ll love living here. 


#3 Best city to move while it's still affordable
- matadorn network

There's a lot of love for this town.

Make a life in Lou.

We're Welcoming

Louisville is a Certified Welcoming City and focused on fostering compassion and greater unity among all our citizens.

We're Homeowners

Greater Louisville boasts a low cost of living and that is one of the reasons we’re #4 when it comes to millennial homeownership.

We're Relaxed

We don’t sweat the small stuff and we don’t get bogged down in traffic. Our average commute is just 23.6 minutes.

We're Entertaining

With an unmatched local food scene, craft beer at every turn, and more barrels of bourbon than people, there's no shortage of fun here.

We're Lively

Festivals abound in Greater Louisville! You can get your groove on at the any one of our hundreds of festivals or live music venues.

We're Adventureous

From underground zip lining to mountain biking to rock climbing, there’s no shortage of outdoor fun in Greater Louisville.

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