ExecuTrain of Kentucky

ExecuTrain is a private company that helps business clients design training for their employees, while offering consulting and support services. From hire to retire, ExecuTrain combines talent, learning, and workforce management into one seamless platform customized for your organization’s specifications and preferences. Whether you need to launch training or track it, hire people or develop them, this organization’s solutions can provide you with the tools needed to effectively communicate your vision and move your company forward.Start (LUL): The Louisville Urban League (LUL) has teamed up with Facility Management Services (FMS), a janitorial service in town and one of our community partners, to create a new program, “Clean Start.” Anyone who signs onto Clean Start can enjoy the peace of mind that LUL’s wraparound services afford — helping people pay their rent and utilities, finding reliable transportation, and seeking mental health counseling. In addition, the folks in Clean Start also get peace of mind another way: Stable employment through FMS. We know what you may be thinking — “A janitorial service?” We get it. FMS does make money by cleaning buildings, but it is a lot more than just that. The key to this partnership is the combination of a nonprofit’s wraparound support with a for-profit’s social mission based a collaborative goal of having a positive impact on society, workers, and the community.

For more information, contact Betty Fox at bfox@lul.org or (502) 585-4622.


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