Northwood University – Louisville Program Center

Northwood University in Louisville KY prepares students to graduate with real-world practice, a head start on their careers, and grounded with values and perspectives that guide lifelong learning and success. Plus, since major classes start during the freshman year, students will be ready for internships after year one. Internships typically lead to higher starting salary offers from employers because the internship experience is valuable. Applying Northwood curriculum, students will be able to immediately make an impact for their employer and earn better opportunities. While Northwood University identifies as a small university, the institution has a large business school and often ranks national top-ten in organizations like DECA, Business Professionals of America and Mock Trial.

FOR EMPLOYERS – Partner with Northwood University to offer your workforce training in business/business administration! Learn more here. 
For more information, contact James Croan, Director of KY Operations and Corporate Relations, at or (502) 261-1977.
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