Dismas: Re-entry Services

Dismas serves as the primary re-entry point for over 8,000 men and women returning to society from state and federal prisons each year. At their re-entry centers across the nation, Dismas provides a range of tailored services that address specific community needs and meet or exceed stringent government regulations associated with residential re-entry centers. Dismas Charities provides quality, cost-effective, community-based supervision and support services while focusing on healing the human spirit.

A critical component of their work is a focus on helping their residents obtain meaningful employment. Through employment, their residents repay their debts to society and become responsible, independent citizens, taxpayers, parents, and contributors to the community. Thousands of agencies and employers across the country work with Dismas to provide employment opportunities for residents. Dismas staff works with residents to deliver job-specific training and support to help make a successful transition to long-term employment.

For more information, contact Sarah Weidner at sWeidner@dismas.com or (502) 636-2033.

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