Preston Area Business Alliance (KY)

Preston Area Business Alliance (PABA) is a network of business owners and community leaders dedicated to advancing business through enhanced connection, understanding, and action. This organization focuses on supporting, promoting, and strengthening businesses along the Preston Corridor. PABA is a collective of individuals with personal or business interests along the corridor, and creates a platform for its members to strengthen business relationships through networking; voice their most pressing concerns in a unified way; and leverage the alliance as a resource for communicating trends, needs, and recommending strategy and vision for the future of the Preston Corridor. Whether you are a new or existing business, PABA can assist in expanding your reach and growth. As a new member of PABA, you will be listed in the e-newsletter and on social media. Businesses have the opportunity to be highlighted in other PABA publications, and have opportunities to grow by advertising and sponsoring events, and it can increase positive perception among consumers and business owners when identified as a member of PABA.  

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