Interapt – Workforce Development

Interapt Workforce Development solves your enterprise resource constraints as well as closes talent gaps, promotes diversity, and propels equity in tech. Through customized training programs offered at no cost to our employer partners, we find, select, and train untapped talent with the ability to quickly onboard to meet your business goals. We can help build your talent pipeline from the ground up! Our unique workforce development model means end-to-end talent acquisition management for your business, resulting in a DEI-focused customized talent pool with exceptional retention rates. See the program’s flyer here, or contact to learn more.

Training programs include:

Full-Stack Software Development (Java, Cobol, React, and more)
Data Science
Data Analytics
IT Project Management
IT Support
Mainframe Programming
UX/UI Design
Entry-Level Roles

For more information, contact or (502) 251-1511.

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