Kentucky School of Phlebotomy

Kentucky School of Phlebotomy is a dynamic educational institution focused on community education and specializing in training for phlebotomy and related health careers. This institution is committed to teaching the essential fundamentals for starting a career in healthcare, and students gain valuable experience in both hands-on skills and understanding the theories essential to practice. The KY School of Phlebotomy’s primary goal is to share experiences in the field of medicine to produce students whose skills are exceptional and whose understanding of safety is superior. This school consists of experienced professionals who provide students with the personal attention they need to succeed.

This program provides students with skills and training in order to succeed as a phlebotomist. The course contains 6-weeks of lecture, discussion, and practical instruction in the lab, followed by a 40-hour clinical externship at a local patient service center, hospital, or clinic. The hours of the externship are site-specific, but are usually done over the space of one week, Monday through Friday. This is a larger time commitment but the externship is a valuable clinical experience.

For more information, contact or (502) 791-5977.
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