Life is good in the Louisville region

Greater Louisville is known for its rich diversity of traditional and not-so-traditional cultural activities. In fact, Louisville is one of only nine U.S. cities with all the five major arts and offers a wide variety of festivals involving music, art, and cultural activities throughout the region. Along with arts and culture, Greater Louisville maintains thousands of acres of park land, including a large Waterfront Park and Walking Bridge that connects Downtown Louisville with Southern Indiana, scores of golf courses, unique music venues, as well as a world-class food & beverage scene.

People are friendly and compassionate, commutes are short, leadership is accessible, and our quality of life is second to none. Louisville, once a hidden secret, is now known as one of the top emerging markets. The word is out and people and businesses are taking notice and making the move to Lou. Join us!


Labor trends indicate that Louisville’s future workforce will reflect tremendous diversity and be comprised of a high percentage of international professionals. With a global economy which will only continue to become more culturally diverse and complex in the coming years, Greater Louisville is wise to embrace these valuable members of our future workforce NOW through various initiatives.