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City Champ

Show your passion for Lou and become an ambassador for our community.

We are currently taking applications for passionate, community-minded, City Champs, and you can complete the application below to be considered. We will contact you about next steps.  

Rock CLimbing? volunteering? craft beer?
There's a city champ for that.

The program is open to Greater Louisville area residents, business owners, members of community organizations and others who would like to promote the Greater Louisville region in a positive way. We are looking for people who understand and support what we do, and who want to have an impact in their city.

Because our goal is to provide new or potential residents with the best Louisville has to offer, there are also some rules for engagement:

●  The City Champs Program is not a platform for formal presentations, lead generation or selling your personal business services
●  City Champs Ambassadors add value when connecting with prospects, and strive to be positive and authentic about the City of Louisville (we ask that Champs reaffirm this promise)
●  Most of all…have fun!

Who does this program benefit?  

Everyone…but especially new and prospective residents to Lou.

For someone considering a move to another city, it can be difficult to get good information about that city, and even harder to meet like-minded people. That’s where City Champs come into play. City Champs is an ambassador program that connects people who are passionate about Louisville with those who are new to or are considering a move to Louisville. City Champs is a part of Live in Lou, an initiative of Greater Louisville Inc., that supports talent attraction, retention and development.   

What are the benefits for City Champs Ambassadors?  

Ambassadors have a platform to share their love for Lou.

Each City Champ is listed on the featured City Champs page within the Live in Lou site, which has hundreds of visitors each month. Ambassadors provide some information about what makes them unique: do you speak multiple languages, or volunteer for the arts? Are you an avid hiker, or are you a part of the Prospanica community? What’s your favorite part about living in this city? What are you an expert in? We want to showcase you while providing you benefits such as: 

  • The opportunity to act as a mentor and friend, and to connect with other City Champ Ambassadors; remember, we are each other’s best resources! 
  • Free admission to City Champs events and opportunities for complimentary tickets to other city events!
  • A chance to represent Greater Louisville at regional events, and spread the word  about how great our city is
  • A branded badge to identify as a City Champ on your LinkedIn page  (coming soon!) 

This is a great way to help us help you and give back to your city’s ecosystem. It’s also a smart way to build your personal portfolio, find out first about relevant work opportunities and connect with amazing people out there doing it. When someone is considering a move or has recently moved to Louisville, they can scan through our City Champs database and connect with someone who shares the same interests or lifestyle. And because each City Champ loves Louisville, they can help communicate everything great about Louisville in their own way.  

Program Requirements

Program Requirements: If you’re interested in spreading love for Louisville as a City Champ, here’s what you’ll need to do:
  • Be an advocate for our great city in a positive and authentic way!
  • Complete this application so we can learn more about you
  • Attend one half-day training session hosted by GLI to learn about Louisville and interact with other Champs. This session will be followed by a meet-up event with fellow City Champs and other area professionals.
  • Provide at least one method of contact (phone, email, or social media) to share with prospective or new residents
  • Continue to be an informed citizen of our community, keeping up with what’s going on
  • Be willing to respond to requests received from the community, and to commit 2 hours every other month for City Champs events
  • Connect regularly with other City Champs, at either/both GLI-sponsored events or on your own. 

Program Contact: Tosha Ridenour, Manager of Talent Outreach & Engagement, GLI  

Tridenour@greaterlouisville.com | (812) 309-9469  

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