We're affordable.

Make a living and have a life.

Make a living and have a life.

Not only is Greater Louisville welcoming, but it’s also affordable enough that you can have a great life. Ranked #4 City with the Lowest Cost of Living by Move.orghousing, utilities and amenities are some of the most reasonable in the nation. 

Tired of all of your money going to rent? Move here!

Want to see how Louisville stacks up to your current city? You can use this calculator to see what salary you would need to earn in Louisville to maintain your current quality of life here. We think you’ll be surprised at how much less you will need to earn here, and how improved your lifestyle will be in Louisville! 

Housing & Real Estate

We're a top city for first-time home buyers AND millennial home ownership. This is adulting done right.

Is owning your own home something you never thought was possible? Well, in Louisville it is! Louisville is ranked the #4 City for Millennial Homeownership by The Ladders. With a median home cost of under $188,000, homeownership is a possibility for everyone. 

Commute Times

Less time in your car = More time enjoying the city!

Tired of spending hours on end commuting to and from work? With an average commute time of 23.6 minutes, getting around town is fast and easy, and you can get back to living your life instead of waiting to arrive.

Everyday Life in Lou

It's time to enjoy every day of your life.

Louisville is an easy place to live well. Because it’s so affordable, you can spend your time (and money) doing things you actually want to do.

Find a Job in Lou

Whatever you want to do, you can do it here.

Convinced yet? If you’re looking for a change of desk scenery, check out our Louisville-only job board. You can search for full-time, part-time, temporary and startup jobs as well as internships. 

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