We're diverse & inclusive.

We're a Certified Welcoming City.

We're compassionate and inclusive.

Named an International Compassionate City in 2011, Louisville is the largest city in America to hold that distinction. Louisville is touted across the globe for being a welcoming, inclusive, and compassionate destination. We are a burgeoning city for international residents, are home to a thriving LGBTQ+ scene, and are focused on supporting individuals of all beliefs. 

We have a perfect score on the HRC's Municipal Equality Index.

Louisville has a rich history of LGBTQ+ activism dating back to 1999, when Louisville passed a Fairness Ordinance, protecting LGBTQ+ people from discrimination in employment, public accommodations, and housing. More recently, Louisville has received a perfect score from the Human Rights Coalition for developing laws, services, and leadership that promote the inclusion of LGBTQ+ individuals. 

Faith Community

No matter what you believe, we support you.

Whether you’re agnostic, Baptist, Buddhist, Catholic, Jewish, Taoist, or anything in between, Louisville has something for every faith. These vibrant communities serve residents in every zip code and help to create a welcoming and engaging environment. 

Refugee Community

We are your home away from home.

Refugees have been settling in Louisville since 1975, thanks to multiple resettlement agencies like the Kentucky Refugee Ministries and the Catholic Charities-Migration and Refugee Services. This vibrant population has brought a diverse international perspective from around the world.

Global Louisville

We're internationally awesome.

Global Louisville’s mission is to celebrate and support our vibrant and diverse community.  The organization offers networking events and professional development opportunities for international entrepreneurs, professionals, and community members. A certified Welcoming Cityour community enjoys inspiring and educational events such as World Fest, incredible cuisine from all over the globe, and celebrating and sharing our roots through community building. We can’t wait to welcome you!

Sister Cities

Louisvillians range from Ghana to Russia and everywhere in between.

Louisville established its first Sister City in 1954 with Montpellier, France, and since then we’ve added nine more. These important partnerships were established to provide opportunities for collaboration, to stimulate exchanges and projects around economic development, community initiatives, arts and culture, medicine, tourism, and technology. Intercultural exchange programs also help to broaden knowledge and awareness. 

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Whatever you want to do, you can do it here.

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