Substitute Teacher
Now Accepting Applications for the 2021/22 School Year

Rate of Pay:  View Board Approved Salary Schedule
**No Benefits**



–  Kentucky Emergency Substitute Teacher Certification (instructions to obtain a certification will be sent by the JCPS Substitute Center)
–  64 semester college credit hours from an accredited college
–  2.45 GPA
–  Experience working with school-age children

– Experience working in school setting

The select substitute teacher carries out the duties in the absence of the teacher of record.  Assignment of a Permanent Substitute Teacher is restricted to temporary use during an absence of a teacher or temporarily while a teacher vacancy is being filled.  Select Substitute Teachers are assigned to a specific location but expected to fill assignments in other locations as needed.  A select substitute teacher organizes and delivers the program of instruction based on approved curriculum; monitors, evaluates, and communicates student progress; maintains records and makes reports; enforces Board policies, regulations, and rules; supervises students, and secures and maintains school property and materials. 

Applicant Instructions:
1. Complete a JCPS online application along with the other state and District mandated online training courses.  Trainings can be completed after employment begins.
2. Upload a copy of your unofficial transcript.  It must be uploaded. 
3. Criminal Records Checks *REQUIRED* – The records check fee is $51.25 and completed through an outside agency named Identigo. 
4.  Child Abuse and Neglect check.  A valid email account must be setup.  There is a 
$10.00 processing fee.
Note: Completing steps and 4 does not guarantee employment. 
5. Successful candidates will receive notification via email that they have met the necessary qualifications to attend the Substitute Orientation along with instructions on how to complete your Criminal Records and Child Abuse & Neglect Check.  It could take weeks to receive this notice.

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