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Job Description
To develop and maintain production, cleaning and maintenance SOP’s for each collection site and work with collection site management on any issues that arise.

Traveling position based in Louisville, KY.

Travel to collection plants as assigned by management. Submit written reports after each visit. Distribute reports to APC leadership and collection site contacts.
Troubleshoot and repair production equipment at each of the collection sites. Include scope of work in each collection site visit report.
Ensure collection plants are making quality plasma.
Act as a point of contact, interacting with collection site employees, in a manner that promotes APC positively.
Collect samples throughout the plasma collection system to assure quality plasma is being produced.
When not traveling to collection sites, work in areas as assigned by management.
Be available on short notice to visit and troubleshoot at any of the collection sites.
Assist with the construction of any new collection sites and installation of new equipment at any of the existing sites.
Ability to troubleshoot and program PLC/PLC operated equipment as well as general knowledge of the programs and functions at company and collection sites.
Maintain company vehicle appropriately (i.e. oil change, tires, washing, etc…).
Ability to use computers and Microsoft Office software’s (Word, Excel, Outlook).
Travel required between 75-100%.
Develop and maintain good working relationships with collection site management.
Possess working knowledge of each collection site, how all plasma equipment operates and how to maintain the equipment at all sites for which you are responsible.
Must be knowledgeable of and be able to follow all policies and procedures and regulatory requirements at collection sites.
Ability to troubleshoot electrical components, wiring and PLC systems.
Ability to develop good working relationship with contract carriers that transport the plasma from collection sites to processing plant.
Ability to learn how to perform the following duties at collection sites or at home plant: weld stainless steel, work on existing or new pumps, operate reverse osmosis system and general knowledge of refrigeration systems, centrifuges and PLC controllers.
Have basic knowledge of plumbing, metal fabrication and carpentry.
Ability to operate forklifts and other industrial equipment such as welders, hand wrenches, power tools and cutting torches.
Ability to read, write, and understand the English language.
Basic analytical ability to determine appropriate maintenance procedures.
Knowledge and ability to implement all safety techniques in accordance with established policies and procedures.
Ability to receive and maintain valid driver’s license.
Ability to interpret and work from oral and written instructions.
Ability to effectively communicate both orally and in writing with APC personnel, contractors, vendors, suppliers, and other business related contracts.
Ability to work independently, set priorities, and determine work assignments and work methods.
Ability to assist with special or ongoing projects as instructed by Field Tech Services Manager.
Ability to remain calm and professional at all times.
Ability to operate all necessary office equipment required to accomplish job duties, such as computers, telephones, fax machines, etc.
Ability to perform basic mathematical calculations.
Ability to work daily, weekends, holidays, and overtime as necessary.
Ability to assist in other work related areas as requested.
Approximate:   8 Hour Day (may be longer during peak season)


Key:                    Occasional         =       0% – 33%

Frequent             =       34% – 66%

Continuous        =       67% – 100%

N/A                      =       Not Applicable

Standing – Frequent

Sitting – Occasional

Walking – Continuous

Bending/Kneeling/Crouching/Stooping – Occasional

Reaching Above Shoulder – Frequent

Climbing (stairs, ladders, etc.) – Occasional


Working on Heights:

Unprotected Heights – Occasional

Protected Heights – Frequent


Lifting Weights from    1    to    100    Pounds – Frequent


Push/Pull/Maneuver Equipment/Products/Materials – Occasional

Weighing from 1 to 100 Pounds


Being Around and/or Operating Moving Machinery/Equipment – Frequent

Operating a Vehicle (as a part of your job) – Frequent

Read/Monitor Gauges on Various Equipment/Machinery – Frequent


Hand Movements:

Recording Data – Frequent

Operating Office Equipment – Occasional

Operating Computer – Frequent

Simple Grasping (right and left) – Frequent

Firm Grasping (right and left) – Frequent

Fine Manipulating (right and left) – Frequent


Foot Movements to Operate Foot Controls – Frequent


Vision:  Good Vision, Corrected to Normal; or Ability to – Yes

Access Required Information and to Perform Job Duties


Color Definition Required: – Yes


Hearing:  Good Hearing, Corrected to Normal; or Ability to

Communicate/Understand Required Information and to Perform Job Duties – Yes


Mobility:  Ability to be mobile throughout required work areas.

Office – Occasional

Multiple Locations – Occasional

Plant – Continuous

Equipment/Maintenance or Repair Area – Continuous

Rough Terrain – Occasional

Other – N/A


Education:  Associates, Bachelors, or Technical/Vocational degree in Industrial Technology, Maintenance, Engineering, or related field preferred.


Experience:  1-2 years of experience in industrial maintenance preferred.  Must have a valid driver’s license.

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