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Reaching Unreachables

  • Description
    • Seeking a freelance Growth Marketing professional to help design, deploy, measure and optimize our sales pipeline. Roles and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
    • Audit:
      • Full agency marketing audit
        • Reviewing assets, scrutinizing value proposition, messaging, target audience, etc
    • Audience:
      • Refine B2B target customer segment (e.g. industry type / brand segment / company size / etc)
    • Strategy:
      • Enable data-driven marketing decisions:
        • Internal.
          • Data Acquisition (ID missing streams)
          • Data Analysis (Architecture to deliver automated weekly insights that inform decision-making process)
        • External.
          • Analytic platforms (trend and competitive research)
    • Implementation:
      • Design a structure, process and procedure to reach target audience including:
        • Marketing Platforms: ID optimal platforms to reach target audience (e.g. content marketing, email marketing, etc)
    • Execution:
      • Deploy strategy across suitable channels:
        • Advertising Platforms: Identify optimal platforms to reach target audience (e.g. Google, Linked-In, etc)
        • Advertising Campaigns Deploy campaigns across suitable networks, measure and optimize accordingly

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