Georgia Chaffee TAPP

Scope of Responsibilities

Assists the supervisor in planning, implementing and administrating to meet the established requirements of the district and the Kentucky Day Care Licensure. Must annually complete at least six (6) hours of child development training that enhances the quality of child care and is approved by the Cabinet of Human Resources and maintains certification in pediatric first aid and CPR.

Job Description
Working Calendar: 200 Days/ 8 Hours
Salary Schedule IA Grade 7

Minimum Qualifications:
  • CDA (Child Development Associate) or Associate of Arts with emphasis in child development
  • Two (2) years experience in supervision and training day care center staff
  • Certification in Pediatric First Aid and CPR

Applicants who receive and accept a Job Offer for positions less than 260 days participate in a mandatory escrow Payroll system to provide consistent pay for the calendar year even though they only work the school calendar. 

Source: Job Listing