There are currently over eight thousand students in Jefferson County Public Schools who speak English as a second language. They come from dozens of different cultural backgrounds and nearly every continent. Culture and country of origin can profoundly influence a child's identity, life experiences, and learning, which is why it is so important for educators to become familiar with these various global cultures. The English as a Second Language (ESL) program provides Interpretation and Translation service for the entire school district to help our schools/programs communicate effectively with limited English speaking families.
Bilingual Instructor III
Job Description (ATTACHED)
Salary Schedule 1A Grade 8  (ATTACHED)
Working Calendar:187 Days/7.0 hours per day
Minimum Qualifications:
  1. Bachelor's Degree
  2. Three years of successful experience in related field
  3. Demonstrated proficiency in two (2) languages, English and the appropriate language
  4. Experience in working with children and parents with special needs, multi-cultural and multi-ethnic backgrounds
  5. Knowledge of or receptive to philosophy, policy and methodology of the U.S. educational system
  6. Effective communication skills

Desirable Qualifications:    

  1. Master's degree
  2. Experience in teaching multi-age group
  3. Experience in a diverse workplace 
**If your highest education is High School or GED you must take and pass the Kentucky Paraeducational Assessment Exam. The exam is free and you have three chances to obtain a passing score. Click KPA Study Guide 
to review the Kentucky Paraeducational Assessment Study Guide.

**Applicants with transcripts obtained outside the U.S. will need to have their credentials evaluated prior to being referred for vacancies.  Contact an approved agency from the following list:  click here 


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