There are currently over eight thousand students in Jefferson County Public Schools who speak English as a second language. They come from dozens of different cultural backgrounds and nearly every continent. Culture and country of origin can profoundly influence a child's identity, life experiences, and learning, which is why it is so important for educators to become familiar with these various global cultures. The English as a Second Language (ESL) program provides Interpretation and Translation service for the entire school district to help our schools/programs communicate effectively with limited English speaking families.
Bilingual Instructor III
Job Description (ATTACHED)
Salary Schedule 1A Grade 8 (ATTACHED)
Working Calendar: 187 Days/7.0 hours per day
  • Bachelor's degree.  Official Transcripts are required.
  • Three (3) years successful teaching experience.
  • Demonstrated proficiency of two (2) languages, English and the appropriate language.
  • Experience in working with children and parents with special needs, multi-cultural and multi-ethnic backgrounds.

**Applicants with transcripts obtained outside the U.S. will need to have their credentials evaluated prior to being referred for vacancies.  Contact an approved agency from the following list:  click here 





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