Job Description: (Attached)
Salary Schedules / Grade: IV / 09
Days/Hours: 215/8



The job functions of the middle school counselor includes teacher-based guidance, individual/group counseling, academic planning, parent education, and grouping and scheduling students. The counselor is the school agent for compliance with federal, state, and local regulations. The counselor conducts in-service, serves as a liaison to parents and community and orients students, parents, and teachers to the middle school. The counselor is responsible for maintaining and auditing the records for each of the students.

Minimum Qualifications

  1. Master's Degree with major in guidance and counseling
  2. Certification in guidance and counseling by Kentucky Department of Education
  3. Three (3) years of successful teaching experience or relevant school based experience
  4. Effective communication skills


  1. Complete the online application
  2. Upload a letter of interest specific to this position, “Middle School Counselor – Knight Middle School“. If letter is not specific, the application will be considered incomplete.
  3. Upload a current resume
  4. Upload a copy of your KY Administrator Certificate (if applicable)
  5. Identify 5 references with one being your current supervisor

**Information you enter in the Experience section of the online application will be used to verify your qualification for this position. Information should be entered accurately and completely.
**Falsification of an employment application is grounds for exclusion from consideration and/or termination.


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