Job Description: (attached)
Days/Hours: 187 days/7 hours

Salary Schedule: III

Provides services to pre-school aged children according to state and federal guidelines. This includes the implementation of developmentally appropriate curriculum, administering and scoring of student assessments, visiting homes, and facilitating a variety of health-related screenings.

  • Kentucky certification appropriate to the grade level and curricular assignment
  • Experience and preparation required by the Board

Previous applicants that have completed an application for this specific JobID/posting need not apply

If you are a JCPS retiree applying to return to a part-time or full-time position, you do not need to obtain new transcripts or additional copies of your certificate unless there has been a change on the ones in your personnel file. You may upload a Word document that says your certificate and transcripts are on file.

**Information you enter in the Experience section of the online application will be used to verify your qualification for this position. Information should be entered accurately and completely. Falsification of an employment application is grounds for exclusion from consideration and/or termination

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