Working Calendar: 195 Days/7 Hours
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Coordinate and assist the Diagnostic Center Exceptional Child Education (ECE) team to use data to support, administer, score, and interpret assessments; maintain compliance with district Exceptional Child Education  procedures. Provide technical assistance and support for the implementation of the Kentucky Administration Regulations (KAR's) and the individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA). Review and use data to support ARC decisions regarding identification, location and evaluation; in development of individualized Education Programs (IEP).


  1. Kentucky Certificate in Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education (IECE) or special education
  2. Master's degree  or higher 
  3. Ability to work successfully with people
  4. Three (3) years successful teaching experience 
  5. Working knowledge of federal and state laws and regulations regarding programs for exceptional children
  6. Ability to work cooperatively in a team situation
  7. Demonstrated decision-making abilities
  8. Effective communication skills


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