Locations: VIRTUAL
Compensation: Curriculum Development Rate: $10.79/Hour
Dates: 8/23/2021 – 11/22/2021
Needed Staff: 9 Certified Teacher


FOR CONSIDERATION apply online our application is online on the JCPS AppliTrack system. This information must be received by 8/6/2021.

The JCPS Department of Diversity, Equity and Poverty is seeking currently employed JCPS Full-time teachers for programs during the 2021 Fall Semester, Aug 23-Nov 22.  Environmental Equity is a collaborative initiative that joins together local organizations and businesses with K-12 teachers across JCPS. Selected teachers will engage in a series of workshops to support curriculum development as it specifically relates to redlining, access to fresh food, variances in soil/air/water quality, and racial/economic inequities. Over the course of this collaboration, teachers will engage with each other, district staff from the Diversity, Equity, and Poverty programs, the Curriculum, Design, Learning, and Instruction department, and community organizations that are invested in agriculture, gardens, and sustainability. Work will be performed both synchronously and asynchronously.

Once the collaboration has concluded, participants will have created a curricular framework to be housed in a central digital location. This will be available for use across any JCPS school wanting to use it. Ultimately the creation of a designated school garden and/or outdoor classroom space would complement the creation of this curricular framework. They will be compensated for their time spent preparing curricular materials.

Candidates for these positions will be reviewed as soon as possible to meet the critical needs for the summer program. Job Offers will be made to individuals who best meet programmatic needs. To ensure consistency for our students and to have a strong instructional leader in place the candidates for this position will be reviewed prior to the deadline date.


FOR CONSIDERATION apply online our application is online on the JCPS AppliTrack system. Open to current JCPS Full-Time Employees only. This information must be received by 8/6/2021.

2021 Environmental Equity Course Design Contacts: 

DEP- Rachel Klein, (740) 407-6606 

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