Floyd County Community Action Agency

Preschool institution that serves low-income families.

a. Policy and Procedure Area
i. Prepare and serve meals to Head Start children (at times adults)
ii. Ensure the quality of meals served by maintaining proper child nutrition with utilizing the Performance Standards, USDA, and childcare licensing requirements.
iii. Oversee safe food handling and safety practices in the kitchen by following all applicable ISBH sanitation codes.
iv. Coordinate efforts with the nutritionist and parents in planning meals and writing menus.
v. Work cooperatively with NAFC School System as directed by Health Manager.
b. Monitor, Tracking, and Record Keeping
i. Maintain records of all meals served and amounts of food used in preparing meals.
ii. Responsible for ordering food and necessary items needed to prepare and serve meals under the direction of the Health Manager.
iii. Develop cooperative efforts with suppliers and comparison shop among these suppliers to get the best prices and services.
iv. Maintain a neat, clean kitchen and storage area on a daily basis according to all applicable health codes.
v. Responsible for maintaining and posting of weekly cleaning schedule of appliances and kitchen equipment.
vi. Inventory supplies and equipment in food program.
vii. Assist with budgeting for food program by maintaining accurate records of all purchases and submitting all bills to management.
c. Other Nutrition Responsibilities
i. Other related duties as assigned and explained by the Health Manager, which may include but not limited to: Preparing meals for Policy Council and Governing Body meetings and purchase items for nutrition projects

a. Reliable, consistent attendance is a requirement and essential function of the job.
i. Follows Policies and Procedures for Attendance including call in/request off procedures.
b. Positive relationships are developed with staff, parents, children and the community
i. Builds relationships based on mutual trust and rapport
ii. All issues are approached with a win-win attitude that respects the dignity of all parties involved
iii. Work as a team member and maintain a positive work ethic
c. Professional knowledge , skills and attitudes are enhanced by the utilization of opportunities and resources available,
i. Attend mandated trainings and meetings and seek out staff development opportunities
d. Confidentiality will be maintained in accordance with federal, state and local regulations and agency policy.
e. Respect and maintain the rights and privacy of all staff, parents and children
f. Responsibilities are carried out to a successful completion
i. Meets schedules and deadlines and performs minimal tasks with little supervision
ii. Possess and maintains the necessary skill level in technology systems and software required to perform individual job duties
g. Desired results are achieved with children, parents staff and community by effectively using all forms of communication
i. Demonstrates the knowledge of and ability to effectively use communication tools. (E.g. computer, telephone, email, fax, etc.)
ii. Demonstrate effective respectful oral and written communication skills with staff, parents, children and the community
h. Report suspected child abuse to the Director
i. Submit to Random Drug Screenings.
j. Participate in annual Recruitment.
k. Participate in annual Self-Assessment.

a. High School Diploma or GED; Degree in Food Service Management preferred. Prior experience with food handling, food service and ordering required.
b. Flexible in work schedule (hours and days) to meet the needs of the Head Start Program.
c. Must be physically able to perform all tasks related to food preparation, serving, and maintenance of
Kitchen and storage areas.
d. Ability to stand or be on feet for most of the work time.
e. Ability to physically and safely transport a preschool child.
f. Ability to be flexible; work as a member of a cooperative team, or independently when needed.
g. Basic computer skills.
h. Obtain and maintain Food Sanitation Certification as outlined by State Regulations.
i. Valid Driver’s License preferred.

Job Type: 43W/40H

Pay: $12.59 – $14.16 per hour

To apply for this job email your details to athompkins@fcheadstart.com