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The Front Desk Coordinator’s mission is to (1) answer all phone calls and welcome people into our building, (2) build relationships with our members and make them feel welcome, (3) support the Executive Director, and (4) implement the initiatives listed below:

  • Primary Focus of Job
    • Answer all phone calls and try to answer all questions before transferring to team members
    • Let members and visitors in the building and try to answer all of their questions before asking team members
    • Details and organization in this position are critical
    • FDC position is at Temple at front desk
  • Support
    • Social Media – work in collaboration with Program and Marketing Manager to maintain, post and send push notifications for all social media and mobile app
    • Writer draft verbiage for all marketing materials (emails, brochures, etc.).
    • Grants – grant writing and track all dates when grants and summaries are due
    • Work with members building positive relationships; answers their questions and works on issues to resolve all items in a positive manner
    • Lead on Thank You notes and other positive messages that should be sent to members from the Rabbi’s, Executive Director, or other staff members
    • Send out birthday and anniversary emails
    • Yahrzeit reminder postcards mailed three weeks in advance
    • Handle yahrzeit cards from the Rabbi’s – mailed out one week in
    • Email Kaddish List every Monday to Rabbi and P&M Manager. Ensure any updates are made (“In Recent Days”).
    • Print Kaddish List every Friday and place TWO copies on the Bimah and one copy in the technology room for stream/Zoom team.
    • Send Obit emails to congregation
    • Call hospitals M/W/F to see if there are any Jewish patients. Let Rabbi know.
    • Support all events at The Temple, including after hour events
    • Support Membership Committee when appropriate
  • Executive Director Support
    • Cemetery
      1. Train and understand CIMS platform (back to primary user)
      2. Put in digital tasks for Cemetery Chair and follow up until complete
    • Memorial Plaques
  1. Lead for obtaining Memorial Plaques for members and follow-through to make sure plaques arrive from vendor and are placed on boards
  2. Maintain and update plaque database
    • Vendor review
      1. Help ED with vendor review and be the lead on finding best pricing on products ordered
    • Maintenance Supplies
      1. Maintain maintenance supply list form and order maintenance supplies for maintenance team
      2. Review pricing for all maintenance supplies and update order form with best pricing from different vendors
    • Congregation Connect (C2)
  1. Backup support for C2 when needed
  • Bill Summary
    1. Update bill summary weekly and send to Executive Director every Friday.
    2. Put new bills in Executive Directors Inbox and mark appropriately
  • Prior to mailing checks, update Bill Summary to make sure bills received match checks mailed – if missing checks, inform Executive Director
  1. Place all new invoices in C2
  • Mailings to Members
    1. FDC supports all mailings to members; ex: Dues letters, Outstanding Dues letters, FWD’s, Programs / Event mailings, etc.
  • Volunteers
    1. Find volunteers to cover phones during specific times during the week including lunch
  • Maintain Binders for Executive Director
    1. Examples: Contracts, Decision Memo’s, Life and Legacy, Maintenance, etc.
    2. Make sure all binders are organized
  • Maintenance Operational Guidebook
    1. Create maintenance operational guidebook and keep updated
    2. Work with maintenance team and keep ED informed of changes
  • Research other congregation Best Practices and inform ED with new ideas
  • Development of Leadership Program
  • Support Development / Fundraising Committee
  • General Office
    • Keep Copier Room neat, nice, and organized at all times, including cabinets with our supplies.
    • Keep the front desk and lobby area, as well as printer room and Reference room and library, nice and organized and clutter free, including organizing and making the area behind the front desk (mailbox area) and closet clutter free.
    • Record new messages for the phone system to properly inform callers
    • Check voice mails in the phone system daily and return calls within 1 business day
    • Order ink for large copiers – check monthly
    • Postage machine – update software and add money
    • Order Challah for Shabbat dinners
    • Put mail in correct staff member mailboxes
    • Record all checks in the check log and give to Rabbi David’s Assistant
    • Develop new member packets and keep 20 at the front desk
    • Open all Executive Director mail and place in Inbox in ED’s office
    • Turn on orange yahrzeit lights on the memorial plaques every Friday
    • Reminder calls to members that are sitting on the bimah Friday nights and other services (High Holy Days, etc)
    • Take over the phone/online reservations for all events that require it, print out RSVP lists for all events and give to the event leader
    • For all new vendors, they need a W-9; keep file updated and inform ED and Accounting lead when a new W-9 is filed
    • Send thank you notes, working in coordination with MRC, for:
      1. Above Dues
      2. All donations
  • Secure our Future
  1. Thank you notes
  • Fill out Credit Card monthly invoice using Jarren forms
  • Experience
    • At least one-year experience in a fast-paced environment – candidate will have exceptional implementation, detail and organization skills

To apply for this job email your details to