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The Front Desk Coordinator’s reports to the Executive Director and their mission is to (1) answer all phone calls and welcome people into our building, (2) build relationships with our members and make them feel welcome, (3) support the Executive Director, and (4) implement the initiatives listed below:

  • Primary Focus of Job
    • Answer all phone calls and try to answer all questions before transferring to team members
    • Let members and visitors in the building and try to answer all of their questions before asking team members
    • Details and organization in this position are critical
    • FDC position is at Temple at front desk
  • Support
    • Social Media – work in collaboration with Program and Marketing Manager to maintain, post and send push notifications for all social media and mobile app
    • Writer draft verbiage for all marketing materials (emails, brochures, etc.).
    • Grants – grant writing and track all dates when grants and summaries are due
    • Lead on writing weekly thank you notes
    • Send out birthday, anniversary, obit and other emails
    • Support all events at The Temple
    • Support Membership, Fundraising and other committees
    • Reviewing pricing for supplies and order when needed
    • Handle all invoices, checks and bill summary
    • Help implement mailings to members
    • Numerous general office responsibilities such as: in charge of postage machine, ordering ink for copier, mail, logging checks received, taking RSVP for events, etc.
  • Experience
    • At least one year experience in a fast-paced environment – candidate will have exceptional implementation, detail and organization skills

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