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     1.  Kentucky certification appropriate to the grade level and curricular assignment. (K-12 Technology/Computer Certificate OR Career & Technical Education – Occupation Certificate)
     2.  Experience and preparation required by the Board.
     3.  Effective communication skills.


      1.  Be prepared to demonstrate knowledge with graphic design and computer technology. 


Teacher Assignment will be in the "Network Security" pathway. In this pathway students will be able to properly design and install and wired LAN, including all network devices, physically connect servers and desktop computers, properly design and install a wireless LAN including all network devices, and make physical LAN connections for servers and desktop computers, integrate the Wireless LAN with wired LAN and work within the ethical and professional parameters in the Computer Networking profession. See course descriptions attached. 

See:  16 KAR 2:020 Occupation-based career and technical education certification.

Requirements to be an Occupation Based Teacher:

  1. Applicant must be a US Citizen with a high school diploma or GED.

  1. Four (4) years of successful and appropriate occupational experience in the teaching completion of an accredited occupational preparation program for the occupation to be taught; and,

  1. At least two (2) years of the occupational experience completed within the last five (5) years.

If an applicant does not have an associate’s degree (verified by official transcript), then he/she must pass a Pre-Employment Assessment – the ACT, SAT, KYOTE, or GED College Readiness exam.  

Please see the attached CTE Occupation Based Requirements and Hiring Process.

In addition to completing the application, all applicants must also complete and upload the CA3 p3 work experience form. Please provide a detailed description of all relatable work experience in the designated spaces on the CA3 form.

Per Article 16 Section A, 2 of the JCBE and JCTA Agreement, current JCPS classroom teachers must use the Teacher Transfer process and will not be considered for this vacancy.

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