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  • $18-$20/hr Fulltime 
  • No Experience needed
  • Mandarin and Spanish speaking translators available to assist with training, if needed.

As an Extraction Technician, you will work closely with the Production Manager, VP of Technology, Quality, and processing teams across multiple operational and laboratory functions to inventory, extract and refine hemp CBD oil in our operational site.


II.  Specific Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities:
Assist in all aspects of extraction, winterization, and distillation process.
Operate ethanol extractor, centrifuge, falling film evaporators, decarboxylation, and filtration equipment
Troubleshoot down equipment and perform equipment maintenance.
Maintain an organized and clean laboratory environment and workspace.
Follow Company standard operating procedures (SOPs) to produce high quality CBD ingredients.
Understand and follow all safety protocols.
Monitor system operations and perform tests as required.
Record data for all procedures using computer systems and/or hard copy
Maintain inventory records of supplies, materials, and equipment.
Store supplies and equipment, disposal of waste according to company and safety guidelines.
Keep laboratory, storerooms and working areas in a clean, safe work environment at all times.
Roll up all hoses not in use and operate all equipment in a safe manner.
Other duties
III.  Essential Skills and Experience:
Education or Equivalent: (Minimum required to perform job)


Prior cGMP production experience preferred.
Previous experience in cannabis field preferred.
High School Diploma or Equivalent.
Knowledge/Skills Requirements:


Familiarity with basic scientific principles and production terminology.
Read and follow manuals for Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
Basic math skills.
Quick to learn processes
Understanding of basic manufacturing concepts
Familiarity with OSHA guidelines for dealing with hazardous chemicals.
Ability to operate forklift desired
Understanding and adhering to applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations
as they pertain to the cannabis industry, safety regulations, local municipal codes and
organizational rules, regulations, directives, and standard operating procedures.
Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with all employees.
Highly detail oriented and organized.
Good written and verbal communication skills.
Demonstrate responsibility, accountability, and dependability toward assigned tasks and
Strong ethics and sound judgment.

IV.  Dimensions of Position:
Scope of Responsibility


Direct Reports:                                                            None


V.  Physical Requirements and Safety Considerations of the Position:
Physical Requirements:


Individual may be required to stand and/or walk for long periods of time, including walking to multiple buildings across the Hemprise Campus.  Specific vision requirements include reading of written documents and use of computer monitor screen frequently.


Work Schedule:


Shifts of 8 or 10 hours in duration.


Essential Physical Job Tasks:

·       Operate extraction equipment while following safety parameters

·       Data entry and use of computer user interface tools including mouse, keyboard and any other applicable instruments.

o   Setting up workstation for minimal ergonomic risk factors as deemed necessary.

·       Lifting and operating in a manufacturing environment.

o   Lifting overhead and reaching with up to 30 lbs.

o   May be required to lift to 45 lbs and /or push up to 50 lbs.


Safety Considerations:

Must follow any applicable plant safety requirements.
Environmental Conditions:

Working conditions will be Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioned controlled.

To apply for this job email your details to ROBYN.ROSE@HEMPRISE.COM