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Under administrative direction, performs interpretation services in a community health setting. Responsible for interpreting English and Spanish languages, both spoken and written, for the clients and staff.

Essential Functions:
Interprets messages simultaneously or consecutively into specified language (Spanish or English), maintaining message content, context, and style as much as possible.
Shifts between speaking Spanish and English in accordance with the needs of the audience.
Reads written materials (e.g., medical forms, patient information, doctor’s orders, etc.) and interprets material into specified language (Spanish or English) for the needs of the audience.
Refers to reference materials such as dictionaries and encyclopedias as needed to ensure interpretation accuracy.
Listens to speaker’s statements in order to determine meanings and to interpret.
Compiles terminology and information to be used in translations, including technical terms such as those used for medical material.
Checks translation of technical terms and terminology to ensure that they are accurate and remain consistent throughout translation.
Identifies patients with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) and/or other communication barriers and uses appropriate interpretive service; documents use of interpretive services.
Coordinates other interpreters to provide servicesto patients as needed.
Assists staff in providing patient care (e.g. patient phone calls, appointment scheduling, etc.). Adheres to standard precautions.
Performs related work as required.

Minimum Requirements:
High school graduation or its equivalent.
Fluent in Spanish and English languages.
Six months of experience in Spanish/English interpretation in a healthcare setting (e.g., doctor’s office, hospital, clinic, etc.).
Bridging the Gap Certification required.

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