Job Description(attached)

Working Calendar: 187 Days/ 7.75 Hours
Salary Schedule 1B Grade 5 (attached):

Assists in the direct supervision of student activities by maintaining order and acceptable conduct of students. Provides
protection for students and faculty by patrolling all school grounds.

1. Provides in-school security for school faculty, staff and students.
2. Prevents trespassers from entering the school building or remaining in the building if there without authorization.
3. Monitors student activity in the hallway and cafeteria.
4. Escorts students to the office when assistance is requested by school staff.
5. Assists the local school administration in forming and implementing policy or procedures for dealing with student
6. Reports all incidents that occur in the assigned school.
7. Makes recommendations to the local and systemwide service office administration for the improvement of the
security plan for the assigned school.
8. Monitors loading and unloading of school buses at the assigned school.
9. Performs other duties as assigned by the designated supervisor.


1. High School diploma or G.E.D.
2. Must be 21 years of age
3. Meet qualifications for commission from Department of Justice

Applicants who receive and accept a Job Offer for In-School Monitor positions participate in a mandatory escrow Payroll system to provide consistent pay for the calendar year even though they only work the school calendar.  Look for Understanding Escrow Pay on the left tab of the link:

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