Job Description (attached)
Working Calendar: 194 days/7 hours
Salary Range: $42,914 – 85,506.22
Salary Schedule III (attached)


Provides leadership in administering technical and instructional services provided by the Library Media Services Department. Assists the Director in promoting overall efficiency and maximizing impact of technical and instructional services in support of educational achievement for K-12 teachers, librarians, and students. Collaborates with District, state, national networks, and policymakers to ensure optimal access to resources. Develops and maintains products and processes essential to effective school library programs. 


  1. Kentucky Certification as Librarian for appropriate grade levels
  2. Effective communication skills


  1. Broad educational background encompassing a wide range of subject areas
  2. Experience in a diverse work place

Per Article 16 Section A, 2 of the JCBE and JCTA Agreement, current JCPS classroom teachers must use the Teacher Transfer process and will not be considered for this vacancy.

**Information you enter in the Experience section of the online application will be used to verify your qualification for this position. Information should be entered accurately and completely.
**Falsification of an employment application is grounds for exclusion from consideration and/or termination.


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