Louisville Transit Authority of River City

TARC is looking for a team oriented and energetic full-time Radio Operator. This person will assist with daily work activities regarding Radio Communications, Support Emergency Communications during winter storms or other emergencies, Monitor all radio calls and furnish assistance to Coach Operators, Police and Fire departments and other agencies as necessary.  *This position may also be required to perform FT Clerk duties including assisting with daily work activities of the Dispatch Office.


Minimum qualifications include:

Current full-time coach operator with minimum of one (1) year of full-time service, or equivalent.   Good communication and organizational skills as well as ability to handle detail work accurately.  Must be able to work with public and co-workers in a courteous manner and maintain integrity of confidential data. Must have excellent computer skills, including experience with MS Office and data entry.  Successful performance on test(s) required.

Candidates must not exceed ten (10) full or partial day occurrences of absence or leave for any reason except vacation, paid holidays, jury duty, and military leave.

Candidates must not exceed three (3) lose-outs or occurrences of tardiness.

No formal warnings resulting in suspension.

Candidates must not exceed one (1) preventable accident.

To apply for this job please visit www.ridetarc.org.