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We are seeking an energetic and well-organized banquet manager to provide our customers with a first-class banquet experience. As a banquet manager, you will liaise with the sales team and the head chef to meet customer expectations. Your duties will include controlling the cost and quality of services, preparing the event space, and coordinating the service of meals.To be successful as a banquet manager, you should exhibit extensive experience in managing banquets and delivering services within budget. Outstanding Banquet Managers ensure that customers receive a level of service that exceeds expectations.



Banquet Manager Responsibilities:
* Discussing sales contract details with the event manager and the head chef.
* Planning the venue layout according to the number of guests and the type of event.
* Determining the number of table waiters and servers required.
* Supervising the placement of tables, chairs, cutlery, plates, glasses, table linens, centerpieces, heating lamps, serving utensils, and carving stations.
* Consulting with the Head Chef regarding the timing of meal courses to be served.
* Overseeing the seating of guests, the serving of meals and beverages, and the clearing of tables.
* Managing the availability of liquor and soft drinks, when required.
* Preparing work schedules and completing documentation in a timely manner.
* Answering customers’ questions and accommodating special requests.

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