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What do Mercer Transportation Freight Coordinators Do?
Work with shipping and logistics companies to ensure their supply lines are intact and efficient. They help monitor freights as they deliver shipments to their destinations and report all problems encountered. The coordinator is also responsible for communicating with other transport providers to patch up gaps in the delivery schedule due to vehicle breakdowns and accidents. The Freight Coordinator is expected to be hands-on in this task and quickly respond to inquiries and resolve problems.



  • Solicits and books freight from new and existing customer accounts.
  • Seeks new customers and builds strong relationships with them.
  • Monitor customers’ websites and emails in a timely manner and respond appropriately.
  • Works with Mercer team to move freight.
  • Tabulates correct mileage and rate charges, ensures correct agents commission splits, and issue advances in accordance with established company guidelines.
  • Provide rates on rate bid packages.
  • Analyzes problems as they arise and use independent judgment in conjunction with others to determine best solutions about customer satisfaction and Mercer profitability.
  • Enters Loaded, Empty, Advance and Check Calls for trucks that call.
  • Coordinate with Mercer and outside carriers to find suitable freight and enter in accurate driver locations into Mercer system.
  • Follows internal processes to respond to customer needs. Suggests improvements or issues with processes to management. Answers all inquiries on a timely basis.


Truck drivers are essential to our country’s economy because they haul products and materials throughout all states. Without truck drivers, businesses and consumers would not have what they need. Freight Coordinators are responsible for routing incoming and outgoing communication regarding freight shipments and transportation needs for their companies.

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