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What do Mercer Transportation Recruiters Do?
You will recruit truck drivers who independently own/operate trucks. Ideally, you are knowledgeable about the needs of Mercer Transportation and can match it to well-qualified drivers. You will pre-screen drivers before they apply to contract with Mercer and assist with the required paperwork to ensure compliance with federal regulations. Ideally, you are mindful of the needs of both drivers and Mercer to ensure a good fit.

Job Expectations of a Truck Driver Recruiter
Experience in both customer service and sales lends itself well to the field of recruiting (as does experience in the trucking industry, but this is not required).

Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm

Job duties often include:

  • Ensuring new recruits meet the Department of Transportation’s requirements for drivers.
  • Pre-screening drivers to ensure they know the benefits of Mercer’s long-term lease agreements.
  • Conducting meetings with drivers in person, over the phone, in field office and at trade shows etc.
  • Maintaining a recruiting data base of prospective drivers.
  • Communicating with remote offices as drivers are recruited from their area.
  • Maintaining a positive and productive relationship with contractors, agents and all the departments within Mercer Transportation.
  • Available to entertain contractors/drivers as requested to maintain an ongoing professional and productive relationship. This may include lunches, trade shows, and after-hours business networking events.
  • Providing professional, courteous and efficient service while remaining compliant with DOT and licensing regulations and observing Mercer guidelines.


You are expected to work within a system designed to handle drivers from the initial contact through to completion of the hiring process. This system often requires the management of hundreds of leads a day and working with recruits through orientation and maintaining paperwork in the drivers’ files. 

Interpersonal Skills and Knowledge a Truck Driver Recruiter Should Know

  • As a Recruiter, you must be confident and proactive when meeting new drivers. The ability to stay organized with materials and time is essential. The need for organization is due to the nature of managing many different projects and people at once. One of the most critical skills is the ability to cultivate relationships with drivers.
  • The trucking industry is competitive. Retaining good drivers is not just about high pay; it is also about understanding the level of engagement necessary to keep drivers happy and wanting to stay with Mercer. You must keep in regular contact to handle any concerns or questions of drivers. This contact happens from the moment of introduction until drivers are on the road.
  • Also, you should develop an in-depth understanding of the truck-driving industry.  Learning about truck driving, routes, and the needs of the people who work in the industry is critical.

Why Are Recruiters Necessary?
Mercer is always looking for new drivers, and the demand for qualified truckers keeps climbing. When you find out what is important to the driver, such as a work/life balance, pay levels, or preference on the type of truck, you can match them to the services and values Mercer provides.  Retention is essential to Mercer, and your role as a recruiter is a necessary component to retaining drivers.

At Mercer, our long-term success is directly linked to our ability to consistently meet our customer’s requirements and exceed their expectations. If you are interested in becoming a Recruiter apply today!

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