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What do Mercer Transportation Truck Dispatchers Do?
Strategically find loads with our truck driver’s preferences in mind. The ideal candidate must be an excellent communicator and able to remain calm, composed and concise. You must be able to multi-task as well as take the appropriate action with little supervision. The goal is to save drivers time, and help in making the best business decisions for them by understanding the fluctuating market, and remaining committed to identifying the best rates and loads!

Job Expectations of a Truck Dispatcher:
The aim is to position trucks for profit by maintaining direct relationships with the drivers and understanding their wants and needs; while understanding and communicating the trends of the current market!

Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm


Job duties often include:

  • Coordinates scheduling of vehicles and drivers for meeting overall transportation requirements.
  • Receive customer calls, records information, and enters data into software system.
  • Resolves schedule problems (i.e., stop requests, updating maps, driver absenteeism, out-of-service vehicles, etc) ensuring all routes are covered.
  • Receive and dispatch orders for products or deliveries.
  • Prioritize calls according to urgency and importance.
  • Monitor the route and status of truck drivers to coordinate and prioritize their schedule based on their preferences.
  • Provide truck drivers with information about orders, traffic, obstacles and requirements.
  • Compiles a variety of data for developing reports, information and mandated requirements.
  • You are expected to plan routes and schedules; ensuring the overall coverage required to meet the transportation scheduling demands; and evaluating, resolving and/or recommending solutions to incidents, complaints and/or accidents.

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