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Nonprofit Community Center in West Louisville

VISION: Our families are thriving.

MISSION: Neighborhood House is supporting families by creating a community of opportunity.


Position Title:  Director of Programs

Department:  Administration

Status:  Full-time

Classification:  Exempt

Primary Shift: Mostly 1st shift but flexible hours are required.  Some weekend hours occasionally required.

Reports to:  Executive Director

Supervisory Responsibilities:  Director of Youth Development Program, Manager of Pathways Program, Senior Coordinator, Front Desk and Food Pantry personnel.

Revision Date: 06/2024


Summary of Function


Directs Neighborhood House Youth and Family Programs to ensure all programs are achieving results in line with our values, vision, and mission.  Ensures programming is member-focused, with robust parent, family and community engagement.  Ensures the staff have the resources needed to carry out their responsibilities, including a healthy and supportive workplace, professional development opportunities, adequate resources and training, and operational systems/procedures to ensure quality of programs.


Agency Duties and Responsibilities

Supports the mission, vision and philosophy of Neighborhood House and embraces our values of equity, accountability, belonging, relationships, courage and joy.

1.      Supports and ensures all applicable procedures are followed that attain and maintain compliance with regulatory agencies.

2.      Provides leadership and positive interaction with others as evidenced by professional maturity, respect for others, a team-centered approach, maintenance of confidential information, and an appreciation of a multicultural workplace.

3.      Exhibits sound stewardship by effectively managing financial resources and physical resources to achieve the objectives of Neighborhood House.

4.      Exhibits regular and punctual attendance.


Core Competencies

1.      Strategy and Planning:  able to establish and direct implementation of ambitious long and short-term goals for programs and determine best use of resources.

2.      Leading People/Building Teams:  recruits, leads, develops, and motivates team to achieve desired results.

3.      Personal Leadership:  inspires and coaches colleagues to achieve desired results, models accountability and commitment; communicates frequently and transparently; models professional behavior.

4.      Program Knowledge:  understands context, goals, population, systems, and variables that impact program success.

5.      Collaboration/Partnerships:  takes lead role in establishing and maintaining partnerships within and outside of organization.

6.      Analysis/Decision Making:  ongoing analysis of daily activities and decisions that need to be made thoughtfully and quickly. Regular and effective use of data for decision-making.

7.      Community Engagement: embraces and implements effective parent, family and community engagement. Understands value and nature of coalition-building for advocacy.

8.      Contract Management:  ability to manage program objectives to ensure programs are following agreements and expectations of funders; able to review budget and spending patterns to provide management and oversight.


Description of Essential Functions

1.    Direct the design and implementation of excellent programming within evidence-based frameworks that will achieve desired results.  Ensure programming is delivered with integrity and that Youth Programs and Family Programs are integrating programming whenever possible and appropriate.

2.    Help develop and implements systems for ongoing assessment to assure excellence in quality of all programs. Make changes as needed to meet standards.

3.    Design and direct implementation of community engagement strategies including parent and family engagement, Neighbor Nite, community leadership development, and coalition-building for advocacy.

4.    Ensure a positive and productive work environment

a.      Reinforce a culture of accountability and collaboration between program departments and with outside resources.

b.      Adopt and communicate a growth mindset and “failing forward” culture, in line with the NH values.

c.       Create, secure and/or deliver excellent professional development and training for all program staff.

5.    Oversight of financial management and stewardship among programs.

a.      Work with Executive Director and Program Managers to develop annual program budgets.

b.      Works with designated staff for approval/oversight of monthly expenses.

c.       Ensures proper stewardship of and reporting for grant funding and donated items.

6.    Provide leadership for the design and implementation of additional programs in accordance with identified community needs and within the context of the mission and resources of the agency.

7.     Participate in and lead assigned events that promote the agency and support services related to the agency.

8.    In conjunction with the Development Director, assist with proposals, grant applications, and reports on specified grants, as well as written materials and agency functions that support public relations and advertising of services and programs. Work with Development staff to assess needs for the development and implementation of volunteer programs to help meet program objectives.

9.    Ensures a safe and healthy environment in meeting the safety needs and objectives of each program.

a.      Ensures the implementation of all functions that attain and maintain compliance with regulatory agencies.

b.      Fully informs the Executive Director on the condition/needs of the agency as related to assigned responsibilities and other areas as applicable.  Keeps the Executive Director abreast of all pertinent issues, policies, and legal issues related to the services of the agency and those being served while in the agency.

10.  Other duties as assigned by Executive Director.



Essential Job Specifications/Qualifications:

Master’s degree in social work or related field from an accredited school is preferred. Combination of education and experience will also be considered.


Experience and Work History


Five years of supervisory experience required, preferably in social service programs.

Two years’ experience in administration in a non-profit agency preferred.

Experience in a culturally diverse social service field preferred.


Required Skills


1.      Ability to integrate various roles, skills, and competencies needed to effectively serve the cultural and socioeconomic characteristics of the Neighborhood House team and members.

2.      Ability to build and lead high functioning team.

3.      Ability to create budgets and to understand and interpret financial reports.

4.      Excellent verbal and written communications skills.

5.      Ability to lead staff to create and implement highly effective programming.

6.      Excellent computer skills.


Personal Characteristics

1.      Mission driven and committed to equity.

2.      Visionary and aspirational.

3.      Committed to building and nurturing relationships.

4.      Integrity in how one leads and serves.

5.      Commitment to education as a priority and to developing opportunities for children/families.

6.      Creativity for problem solving and developing opportunities.

7.      Flexible and organized.



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