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VISION: Our families are thriving.

MISSION: Neighborhood House is supporting families by creating a community of opportunity.


Position Title: Youth Advocate

Department: Youth Development

Status: Full-time

Classification: Non-exempt

Primary Shift:  Mostly 1st shift but flexible hours required.  Some weekend hours are occasionally required.

Reports to: Director of Family Services

Revision Date: 12/20/2022


Summary of Function

The Youth Advocate is a full-time, non-exempt/exempt position.  A youth Advocate is an experienced and mature professional whose main objective is to work in the best interest of young individuals.  The purpose of the advocate positioning is to work alongside youth and their families to help be a guide in their academic, vocational, and personal lives.

Agency Duties and Responsibilities

1.      Supports the mission, vision, and philosophy of Neighborhood House as evidenced by compliance with all agency policies and procedures.

2.      Provide leadership and positive interaction with others as evidenced by professional maturity, respect for others, a team-centered approach, maintenance of confidential information, and an appreciation of a multicultural workplace.

3.      Exhibits effective communication skills internally and externally including proper use of agency communication systems.

4.  Exhibits sound stewardship by effectively managing financial resources and physical resources to achieve the objectives of Neighborhood House.


5.  Exhibits regular and punctual attendance.



Description of Essential Functions

1. Conducts assessments with participants when they become involved with the program to determine their needs and capabilities.

2. Responsible for reaching out to youth and work out plans with a view to reach out to them through means by which they are interested.

3.  Helps youth set goals and objectives along with creating mentoring activities that help to assess their progress in meeting goals.

4.  Maintains statistical information as required for documentation for the agency, prepares reports and correspondence, as needed.

5.  Engage youth in activities, teaching them about constructive behavior and its relation to the community. Ensure that members are encouraged to participate in a variety of program areas/activities and receive instruction and constructive feedback to develop skills in program area(s).

6.  Serves as an advocate on behalf of participants with other agencies to obtain services to meet their goals

7.  Develop collaborative partnerships with other youth-serving organizations, members, parents, families and community organizations.

8.  Arranging workshops and support sessions for families and youth with regard to social issues, violence, abuse, etc.

9.  Attends meetings and workshops that will help to create a better understanding of youth and family dynamics.

10. Willingness to work with adults in the youth’s life to overcome youth and family obstacles to success.

11. Create plans with families in the youth’s life to overcome obstacles that could be standing in the way of youth and their family’s future success.

Essential Job Specifications/Qualifications

●        Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work or related field – an equivalent combination of training and/or life experience may be substituted.

●        Experience in navigating the social service system, personally or as a professional

●        Experience working with Youth/Families in High Poverty areas

●        Willingness to meet challenges with determination, perseverance, and grace

●        Demonstrated ability to overcome life challenges and obstacles

●        Ability to handle multiple tasks successfully

●        Ability to work with diverse populations in an inclusive environment

●        A willingness to persevere through challenging situations

●        Ability to communicate effectively with all socioeconomic groups

●        Team-oriented perspective



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