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The operating engineer will ensure a safe, efficient, and well-maintained hotel environment.


This person will be responsible for but, not limited to operating the boiler and chilled water plants, and maintaining temperatures throughout the building.
They will take water samples of boiler, loop, and cooling tower systems and treat the water to maintain predetermined levels of chemical concentration.
Responsibilities will also include operating various equipment, maintaining domestic hot and cold water systems, and observing various electrical switchgear to ensure proper operation.
This person will be called upon to make repairs to guest room and public spaces as necessary including but not limited to kitchen, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and other similar repairs.
They will be assigned to cleaning and general maintenance duties in the engineering spaces as well as other assigned daily operations.
This person will be responsible for assisting with tasks including but not limited to painting, vinyl repair, and other similar repairs throughout guest rooms and public spaces.


They will be required to have a class 2 operating engineer license and universal EPA certificate.
They must be able to work AM, PM, overnight, weekend and holiday shifts. Schedule will vary according to business and operational needs.

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