Working Calendar: 187 Days/7 Hours
Job Description (attached)
Salary Schedule (attached) 


  1. Kentucky certification appropriate to the grade level and curricular assignment (Elementary Education)


  1. At least three years successful teaching experience in elementary grades;
  2. Demonstrate evidence of adaptability and problem solving to support student learning
  3. Be willing to learn, acquire, and apply new skills and knowledge
  4. Show evidence of good interpersonal skills with colleagues
  5. If not currently certified in Reading Recovery, willingness and commitment to attend Reading Recovery training classes over the course of the school year and adhere to the Standards and Guidelines of the Reading Recovery Council of North America
  6. Good organizational and communication skills. 

In addition to cover letter, resume, and references, applicants need to complete a Reading Recovery Application form (attached). Applicant will need to print, complete and scan additional Application Form to online application in the Supplemental Materials portion of the application. 

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