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Under routine-to-moderate supervision, provides clinical services to assigned client populations.



Works within the Educational Neglect Prevention and Family Engagement program with the goal of preventing abuse, neglect, and unnecessary trauma in the lives of children and families through early intervention, resource education and referral, and multi-organizational support
Facilitate Parent Engagement Meetings (PEM) within Jefferson County Public Elementary Schools utilizing a strengths-based approach
Assesses the needs of the family, provides resources, and educates parents regarding Jefferson County Public Schools attendance policy
Develops a plan of action at the meetings, which outlines what the expectations are of the family, school, and community partners after the meeting adjourns
Makes referrals to community providers as team identifies family’s needs and supports
Conducts follow-up phone calls 3-4 weeks following the meeting to discuss whether suggested services were obtained, assess effectiveness of meetings on improving school attendance, and offers additional support if needed
Performs clinical services, including intakes and therapeutic interventions such as group, individual, and family therapy, and crisis intervention.

Maintains and completes service documentation such as psychosocial assessments, case notes, and case reviews, according to prescribed standards, and obtains co-signatures as required by Medicaid.

Conducts case reviews and determines current and future treatment and treatment planning based upon resulting quantitative results and professional opinion of client progress.

Collaborates with external agents including school officials, family members, and other health agencies regarding organizational programs and client needs and conditions.

Attends and participates in staff meetings, treatment planning meetings, case conferences, and clinical seminars providing information relating to program administration and development.

Writes correspondence on behalf of clients and their families such as court reports, letters of recommendation, etc., according to prescribed standards.

Meets at least monthly with clinical supervisor to review every client seen that month and ensures proper documentation of clinical supervision in client record.


The intent of this job description is to provide a representative summary of the major duties and responsibilities performed by incumbents of this job.  Incumbents may be requested to perform job-related tasks other than those specifically presented in this description.

Bachelor’s degree* in psychology, sociology, social work, or human services as determined by the Medicaid program as a mental health field.

Over six and up to twelve months of individual, group, and/or family counseling experience, or related volunteer or practicum experience, with relevant Bachelor’s degree.
Basic knowledge of mental and physical characteristics of applicable population group (e.g., growth and development and range of treatment needed), mental health issues, treatments, therapies, etc., and their effectiveness on individuals and/or select population groups.
Basic interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills.

Position has no unusual physical demands.
Position requires lifting of 10 pounds maximum.
Position may occasionally require walking or standing, stooping or bending.
May involve occasional exposure to threat of bodily harm from clients or their families depending upon specific client population.
Some incumbents/new hires may have a master’s degree in a clinical field.  Regardless of the master’s degree, the only degree that Medicaid considers is the bachelor’s, as defined above.  The clinical services of every incumbent/new hire shall be billed on the bachelor’s degree.  SCS may consider the master’s degree as relevant only for purposes of establishing a pay rate.

Position requires at times for incumbent to remain on 24-hour call.

Within the bounds of their respective job descriptions, all staff are expected to exercise principle-centered leadership, focused on customer service responsiveness, with a continuous quality improvement orientation.  Additionally, all staff are expected to develop a working knowledge of and follow all policies and procedures related to safety management and other Joint Commission standards.

< >Establish rapport

Determine readiness for change

Determine treatment priorities Explain client rights, responsibilities, and obligations

Properly assess clients to build appropriate treatments

Adhere to laws, regulations, ethical codes, procedures

Meet productivity expectations

Utilize needs/problems list to develop individualized goals

Assess client’s progress

Identify appropriate resources

Assess risk to self and others

Coordinate medical and psychiatric care

Knowledgeable on medication-assisted therapy

Deliver trauma-informed treatment

Understand development milestones (for those who serve children and youth)


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