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Seven Counties Services is a Community Mental Health Center.

Under general supervision, provides intensive in-home and office-based support and intervention, socialization, and therapy services to children and their families.




1. Works with child and family to operationalize the treatment team’s plan.

2. Develops and maintains a positive working relationship with parents.

3. Teaches child and family behavior management techniques and basic life skills.

4. Assists child with normalization and socialization in order to encourage community assimilation (identification and utilization of community resources and enhancement of family’s social development).

5. Models coping, problem-solving, and social skills, encouraging appropriate boundaries and attachment.

6. Performs clinical services, including such therapeutic interventions as individual, family, and group therapy and collateral services, ranging from outpatient to intensive, at diverse locations, as authorized by funding sources.

7. Serves as member of the treatment team, providing on-going assessment and feedback on services provided, progress toward treatment team’s goals, and problems and needs.

8. Attends and participates in such other meetings as staff meetings, case conferences, and clinical seminars.

9. Collaborates with external agents including school officials, family members, and other health agencies, on client’s needs and available programs to address those needs.

10. Completes all required time reports, service documentation, and other required paperwork, according to programmatic and funding source requirements, including co-signatures as required by Medicaid.

11. Meets at least monthly with clinical supervisor to review every client seen that month, and ensures proper documentation of clinical supervision in client record.

12. Meets program’s productivity standards.


The intent of this job description is to provide a representative summary of the major duties and responsibilities performed by incumbents of this job. Incumbents may be requested to perform job-related tasks other than those specifically presented in this description.




· Bachelor’s degree* in Psychology or Sociology.




· Six to twelve months of child/family care experience.

· Strong interpersonal and communication skills.

· Basic knowledge of assigned population (e.g., growth and development), emotional disorders, range of treatment needed, and available treatments.

· Knowledge of response, incident/accident, and confidentiality reporting procedures.




· Position requires a moderate amount of lifting, bending, stooping, etc., as would normally occur in running a household, including lifting a maximum of 100 pounds and frequent lifting and/or carrying of objects weighing up to 50 pounds.

· May be exposed to pests, roaches, animals, poor heat/air conditioning.

· Occasional exposure to threat or bodily harm from clients or their families.

· Reliable transportation for frequent travel between work sites.


Within the bounds of their respective job descriptions, all staff are expected to exercise principle-centered leadership, focused on customer service responsiveness, with a continuous quality improvement orientation. Additionally, all staff are expected to develop a working knowledge of and follow all policies and procedures related to safety management and other Joint Commission standards.




· Establish rapport

· Determine readiness for change

· Determine treatment priorities

· Explain client rights, responsibilities, and obligations

· Properly assess clients to build appropriate treatments

· Adhere to laws, regulations, ethical codes, procedures

· Meet productivity expectations

· Utilize needs/problems list to develop individualized goals

· Assess client’s progress

· Identify appropriate resources

· Assess risk to self and others

· Coordinate medical and psychiatric care

· Knowledgeable on medication-assisted therapy

· Deliver trauma-informed treatment

· Understand development milestones (for those who serve children and youth)

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