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The Outreach Worker will assist with services to individuals and families experiencing homelessness. In tandem with other members of the Outreach Team, the Outreach Worker will assist clients in accessing medical and mental health services, emergency and long-term housing, substance abuse services, and social services. Outreach Workers work within a harm reduction and person-centered model. All duties are performed with a multidisciplinary and multiagency team approach.



As a team, staff will support individuals and families experiencing homelessness and living in the community through such activities as:


·         Uses basic clinical skills to build rapport with clients;

·         Interacts through one-on-one contact with individuals on the streets and in emergency shelters;

·         Advocates on behalf of clients and/or support them to advocate for themselves;

·         Collaborates/Coordinates services with appropriate community agencies, especially Uniting Partners for Women and Children;

·         Consults with hospitals and mental health professionals (for example, nurses, social workers, family physicians, psychiatrists);

·         Utilizes basic clinical skills to build rapport with clients.


The Outreach Worker functions as a member of the outreach team and the larger shelter team. The  Outreach Worker:


·         Offers insights to the team regarding best practices;

·         Employs components of de-escalation and defuses tensions when engaging with clients;

·         Completes necessary record keeping in the Homeless Management System (HMIS)and other documentation as required by agency and the specific situation;

·         Addresses any issues, problems, or questions of policy or procedure that may arise;

·         Communicates a shift summary to immediate supervisor and to other staff members as needed


Physical Requirements:

·         Visit homeless individuals in abandoned buildings, under overpasses, sleeping in tents or tucked away in alleys

·         Sitting for long periods of time, bending, light lifting, walking, climbing stairs


Minimum Qualifications:

·         High School Education

·         Basic computer literacy including word processing and Google suite

·         Effective communication skills

·         Must have personal automobile, valid driver’s license, liability insurance, and be willing to transport co-workers and/or clients

Preferred Qualifications:

·         3 years of experience in social work or closely related field

·         Associates Degree

·         Experience with HMIS

·         ability and willingness to safely and effectively de-escalate situations, including conducting physical interventions when necessary to maintain safety as directed by agency



To apply, send resume and cover letter to TJ Martin, Outreach Manager,, or at 700 E. Muhammad Ali Blvd., Louisville, KY 40202.

To apply for this job please visit