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GRADE:                                               G15

FLSA STATUS:                                    Exempt

DEPARTMENT:                                   Strategic Business Unit

REPORTS TO:                                     President/CEO


The Strategic Business Department is focused on enhancing existing intellectual property, as well as developing innovative ideas to improve operations, enhance brand equity and drive new revenue growth.  In conjunction with Executive Leadership, the Director is responsible for setting a vision for the department that will grow a culture of innovation; evaluate and launch ideas for new products, services, and partnerships; and collaborate with employees across the Company to identify opportunities.  As new product ideas are matured, the department will be responsible for product launches, business plans and go-to-market strategies.



Guide the Company’s efforts to generate new revenue through the development of innovative products and services, providing overall vision and strategic direction.

Research, evaluate, and drive innovation projects from creation to completion.

Directs the Strategic Business Department to drive research, planning and coordination required for the identification, development, and implementation of new business initiatives.

Executes strategic initiatives associated with intellectual property, as well as process and efficiency improvements across the organization.

Oversees the development of go-to-market strategies for new products and services and determines outside resource needs to execute these strategies.

Conceptualizes new revenue growth opportunities and directs their development from inception to completion.

Develops, reviews, and prioritizes revenue initiatives that have the highest potential of success.  Then develops the necessary justification to effectively execute these initiatives

Liaison with the Board of Water Works on overall strategies for business transformation and the development of new revenue initiatives.

Develops relationships across the entrepreneurial ecosystem to identify potential business partners for new products and/or initiatives.

Leads business negotiations with potential partners to develop joint ventures, partnerships, and other arrangements.

Works with the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) to determine appropriate cross-functional teams to execute new product/serviceimplementations and directs the activities of the Strategic Business Unit to coordinate resources to ensure effective roll-out.

Develops strategic recommendations for projects and initiatives in other Louisville Water departments.

Selects key partners, vendors, and other outside parties for strategic initiatives and corporate projects and takes the lead in the development of the relationships with these parties.

Establishes processes and fosters a culture that will effectively develop a “pipeline” of new products that have revenue potential or will improve operations in one or multiple departments.

Responsible for determining the strategies, tactics, and actions under the Company’s Strategic Business Plan Priority, “Business Transformation” and leading the successful execution thereof.

Build investor relations for third party support for current and new initiatives.

Develops, plans, and obtains appropriate in-house and/or third-party resources for new product development, new product pilot programs, appropriate documentation for product launch and the entire supply chain from production to final sales.

Determines customer service needs for new product launch.

Develops marketing and sales plans for product launches utilizing in-house and/or third-party consultants.

Performs other duties as directed.



This position manages non-exempt and exempt employees with responsibilities for the performance management.


Generally, works 40 hours per week in an office environment. Work is primarily sedentary using a computer for most of the day. Frequently travels between Louisville Water facilities and to meetings/conferences both locally and out of town.


Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration, or related field; and

Ten (10) years of experience in sales, marketing, strategic initiatives and/or innovation, including product development and developing go-to-market strategies; and

Seven (7) years management experience with direct responsibility/accountability for the work of others, preferably in the utility industry; and

Valid driver’s license.


Highly strategic, data-driven, and analytical, with a robust understanding of go-to-market strategies.

Must be able to design, plan, and lead complex projects and initiatives independently.

Must be a self-starter, able to juggle multiple projects and quickly pivot based on shifting circumstances, priorities, and market conditions.

Skilled at managing vendor relationships.

Must be able to work with Louisville Water executives to develop the Company’s strategy for new business and new revenue opportunities.

Must be able to understand the entrepreneurial marketplace across North America and determine how to integrate new products to the consumer market.

Must be able to prepare and present sophisticated and effective presentations on new product proposals, business cases, strategic initiatives, and other critical projects; should be comfortable presenting to frontline employees, executives, the board, and potential partners; must be able to “sell” an idea and manage resistance.

Must have advanced technical and analytical skills, good judgment, strong operational focus, and the ability to multi-task.

Must have superior research skills, with the ability to find and analyze data from on-line and other sources.

Must be expert in using various software applications, such as spreadsheets, relational databases, statistical packages, and graphical/presentation programs.

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