The Black Experience Teacher Institute will be a three week experience where teachers will engage in a series of workshops to support curriculum development around the Racial Equity Pillar and the Black experience. Over the course of the institute, teachers will engage with each other and district staff from the Diversity, Equity, and Poverty programs and the Curriculum, Design, Learning, and Instruction department.Teachers will also perform independent research around current culturally-responsive practices as it relates to the Black experience. Work will be performed both synchronously and asynchronously.

A total of twenty (20) JCPS teachers (K-12) will be selected via an interview process.

Curriculum Development Pay Rate: $10.78 per hour
Professional Development Pay Rate: $21.4939 per hour

Minimum Requirements:
KY Teacher Certification
Must be currently employed as a certified teacher with Jefferson County Public Schools

For more information, contact Ms. Rachel Klein OR Dr. Vanessa McPhail

JCPS Pillar Addressed: Racial Equity – Per policy directive 1b., this Institute will provide an opportunity for curricular resources to be developed that "more effectively and accurately include the contributions and historical relevance of… non-White cultures"

JCPS Systems Addressed:

1: Standards Implementation –  The curricular resources developed by the Institute participants will be based upon Kentucky state standards and aligned to CDLI-developed curriculum maps

3: Instructional Planning and Practice for Deeper Learning – Due to the collaborative nature of the Institute, as well as the supports provided by various JCPS departments, materials and resources created will encompass elements of deeper learning and inquiry

6: Instructional Feedback and Professional Learning – The materials and resources created by Institute participants will enhance the pedagogical and instructional strategies that relate to culturally responsiveness and the Black experience

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