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The C. E. and S. Foundation, Inc. identifies, funds, and nurtures projects and organizations so that individuals in our community become resilient and are prepared for opportunities to engage and thrive. Acknowledging the transformative power of education as a path to prosperity, we invest the Foundation’s resources in strategies that remove barriers to education achievement, including caregiver engagement, social-emotional support, academic support, family and household stability, and postsecondary education support.

The C.E. and S. Foundation was formed in 1984 as a private, non-operating family foundation. It is managed by a board directors, executive director, and professional staff. Located in Louisville, Kentucky, the Foundation has assets in the range of $76 million. Since inception, the Foundation has approved more than $100 million in grant awards.

Your purpose as a Program Associate
If you are our Program Associate, you’ll work with our Senior Program Officer and Grants and Financial Officer to support two of the Foundation’s primary functions: (1) grantmaking, assessment and learning and (2) operations and governance. You’ll develop an understanding of our grantmaking strategy, partners in the community, and portfolio of investments so that you can support the Foundation in distributing funds in ways that are aligned with its mission and so that we understand the impact of those investments. You’ll also help ensure the Foundation runs smoothly by supporting our business processes, including accounting, database management, and administrative duties. You will be a good team member, working with colleagues to continually ensure our work is excellent and reflects a high degree of critical thinking, professionalism, and integrity. Your contribution will add to the Foundation’s bench strength and maintain our reputation as the leading education grant maker in Louisville.

Professional backgrounds that could be a strong fit for this role include experience working in client services environments like law firms, trust departments, wealth management and advising, or other fields where client service, discretion, professionalism, high emotional intelligence, and attention to detail are especially important.

What you’ll be responsible for delivering
Each quarter, you’ll support your colleagues in cultivating and recommending a set of funding proposals to the Foundation’s board of directors, which is highly engaged in the community and brings to the table a great deal of expertise in education and related fields. These proposals reflect the staff’s deep understanding of the Foundation’s strategy and work in concert with public and private initiatives to have meaningful and discernable impact on individuals in our community. Because you are so good at what you do, when we reflect on the quality of materials we present to the board of directors, we’ll feel proud of their accuracy and insight and of the manner in which they facilitated the board’s effective stewardship of the Foundation’s assets.

Throughout each quarter, you’ll be responsible for supporting the operations of our team so that things run smoothly. In that capacity, you will provide the team with administrative support and play an important role in office management and day-to-day bookkeeping. You will also support the Executive Director in her work and complete ad hoc research and other administrative duties as assigned.

You’ll have an incredibly talented team to work with, and “with” is an important word. Because we’re a small team, we’re all do-ers who roll up our sleeves to make the Foundation successful. That means we each take ownership, work hard, and insist on excellence. And, you’ll be a do-er with high standards, too.

How you’ll invest your time and energy
In the role of Program Associate, you will wear a lot of hats, work with all members of our small team, and contribute both strategically and operationally to the Foundation. In support of the Executive Director and senior members of the team, you will:
• Assist with developing proposals to bring the Foundation’s strategy to life with investments that impact the lives of identifiable people.
• Receive and review funding inquiries from nonprofit organizations.
• Participate with senior staff in meetings with nonprofit organizations to develop funding proposals and assess impact of funded projects.
• Do a lot of writing on a quarterly basis to present a strong business case for each proposal you have cultivated for the board of directors to review.
• Provide administrative support to the grant application process, to quarterly board meeting processes, and with the grant award and management processes.
• Participate in program evaluation to assess the effectiveness of the Foundation’s investments and identify both successes and opportunities for improvement.
• Stay in close touch with the Foundation’s grant partners to build trusting relationships and understand how they are faring.
• Help maintain the Foundation’s grantmaking database and provide technical support to nonprofit organizations submitting funding proposals and grant reports.
• Dig into ad hoc research projects as needed.
• Track expenditures and perform light bookkeeping.
• Schedule meetings and assist with event planning.
• Maintain our stock of office supplies.

You’ll be good at this because
• You have demonstrated increasing accountability in roles in the public, private, or nonprofit sectors that have helped you develop professionalism, a strong focus on client services, and a commitment to excellence and accuracy.
• You are a self-starter who doesn’t need someone to light a fire under you.
• You are comfortable working with some direction to kick you off and teammates who are available to collaborate and clarify, but you do not need to be micromanaged in order to be a high achiever who is consistently productive with your time.
• You are naturally curious and enjoy learning and becoming a subject matter expert.
• You are comfortable asking questions to learn from your colleagues and grow in your role.
• You are kind and motivated by opportunities to help people do their best work.
• You feel a tremendously strong sense of responsibility for high caliber work.
• You are an excellent writer. No, seriously – excellent. Clear, concise, compelling, and nuanced.
• You understand community challenges. You see where things work or are incongruent, and you ask questions to deeply understand.
• You are really organized and manage lots of competing priorities.
• You are adaptable and effective even when things change at the last minute.
• You know how important discretion is and are good at maintaining confidence.
• You build trust effectively through things like responding to requests with appropriate urgency, demonstrating a high level of follow through. You engage others in an authentic, professional, and emotionally intelligent manner.
• You are good at navigating complex environments – often, in which you may have little to no direct control – and helping reach solutions. You’re politically savvy.
• You work effectively with people at all levels of organizations, from a diversity of backgrounds, and with a range of perspectives.
• You enjoy building relationships and being part of exploratory conversations with community leaders, experts in the field, and others who might help the Foundation identify ways to be even more effective in our work.
• You are a strong critical thinker and examine challenges from lots of angles. You see opportunities and solutions where others may not.
• You’re a good problem solver – you identify root causes, consider urgency, importance, and risks, and make clear recommendations or decisions in the best interest of the Foundation.
• You anticipate the needs of board members and the Executive Director to help them be more effective in their roles.
• You are generous with what you learn so that others might benefit from it, too.
• You enjoy being part of a strong team that works really hard and has fun doing it.
• You have a professional style that fosters teamwork.
• You care about your colleagues as people, too.
• You’re highly ethical and understand that your behavior is a reflection of the Foundation and its board of directors – even when you’re not “on the job.”

The kind of environment you’ll work in
• This role is based in Louisville, Kentucky, and not eligible for fully remote work.
• You’ll have a dedicated office space with the equipment you need to be effective. And, you’ll have some flexibility to work remotely.
• You’ll have a standard work week, but you may also need to work some evenings and weekends during crunch periods, if necessary to interact with the programs we fund, or if that’s part of achieving the flexibility you’d like in your schedule.
• You’ll be afforded reasonable accommodations in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act since we are an Equal Opportunity Employer. So, we encourage qualified prospective employees with disabilities to discuss potential accommodation.

Compensation and benefits
• Base salary range: $50,000 – $60,000
• Bonus eligibility: 10 percent of base salary
• 403(b) employer contribution: 10 percent of base salary
• Employer-sponsored health insurance

If you’d like to explore this opportunity
If you read this description and feel like it could be a great fit for both you and the Foundation, please submit your resume by Friday, July 15, 2024. Qualified applicants will receive a response and request to discuss the role further.

To apply for this job email your details to