This is a full-time position focused on providing teachers with the pedagogical support to effectively leverage technology in the classroom. The role requires a student-centered learning philosophy, creative problem-solving abilities, interpersonal and communication skills, and eagerness to take a leadership role.

Working Calendar: 187 Days/7 Hours
Salary Schedule (attached) ($43,128 – $87,099)  The estimated salary can be obtained by looking at the 2020-21 salary schedule (attached).


  • Participate in facilitated, online and in-person C7 Leadership Planning
  • Collaborate with Digital Promise staff and school leadership to develop and execute strategic plans
  • Facilitate teacher and student leadership teams
  • Participate in in-person and virtual learning to build capacity to be an effective coach, including monthly initiative-specific online Coach meetings
  • Promote a strong learning culture among all Project participants
  • Lead and support all members of the middle grades faculty in the integration of effective uses of digital technology through a consistent pattern of strategic outreach and informal support through direct coaching, modeling and co-teaching
  • Collaboratively develop engaging lessons with faculty and provide support through classroom observations, modeling and co-teaching
  • Nurture and grow student opportunities for leadership in technology and STEM
  • Document innovative learning strategies for ongoing assessment and publication purposes

PLEASE NOTE: The person in this role should be focused on supporting teaching and learning, not on supporting IT or technical issues. This position is significantly funded through the Verizon Innovative Learning grant.


  1. Kentucky Certification appropriate to the grade level and curricular assignment
  2. Experience and preparation required by the Board


  1. Minimum of three years of teaching experience
  2. Specific experience supporting or instructing utilizing technology

**Information you enter in the Experience section of the online application will be used to verify your qualification for this position. Information should be entered accurately and completely.

**Falsification of an employment application is grounds for exclusion from consideration and/or termination.

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