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Welcome to Greater Louisville’s workforce ecosystem hub, created by the Talent & Workforce Team at Greater Louisville Inc. and Live in Lou

The goal of this site is to help job seekers, employers, and workforce providers in the Greater Louisville region to identify the resources available to aid in advancing their careers or workforce. Below you will find links to information on upskilling/reskilling programs, financial aid, internship and apprenticeship programs, best practices for employee support and barrier removal, and organizations that can help fill your open positions with creative solutions.

Because additional providers and support services are developed as new needs are identified, this site will update regularly. If you have any questions, contact us.



Grow your career in Lou.

Louisville was recently ranked as “#4 U.S. Cities with Happiest Workers” by CNBC 

No matter your position or career path, Louisville has jobs to fit your skills and help you grow into a rewarding career. With more than 16,000 open jobs across every industry, you can begin and grow your career in Louisville. Named a Best City for Jobseekers by Indeed, Louisville is a place where you can make a living and have a life.

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In Greater Louisville we’ve got jobs in every industry and for every skill level.

If you’re looking for a change of scenery, check out our Louisville-only job board. You can search for full-time, part-time, temporary, and startup jobs as well as internships.
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Build your workforce.

Grow your talent pool with access to valuable community resources!
Whether you are locating to the region, expanding, sustaining your current operations, or looking to upskill yourself or your team, Louisville’s robust workforce ecosystem has the resources to help! From job skills training and education assistance to workforce advocacy and overcoming barriers to work, Louisville is leading the way in preparing the workforce of the future. Have employees with barriers such as access to reliable transportation, childcare, or financial hardship? See the resources available in our region to help your employees overcome barriers.

Tech Innovation

Tech is thriving in Lou.

Greater Louisville is an expanding, premier destination for technology-based and data-focused opportunities because of its strong quality of life, professional pathways, and diverse culture. With careers in coding, data science, eSports, and artificial intelligence, tech is thriving here. An emerging Tech City, Louisville has almost 2,000 tech companies in the region and thousands of tech jobs in an industry that is growing every day.

Move Your Business Here

A great place to do business.

Not only is Greater Louisville an amazing place to live, but it’s also an amazing place to locate or grow your business. Our 15-county bi-state region has top-notch talent, a competitive cost of doing business, and has been named a Boomtown by Yelp.

Greater Louisville offers a plethora of unique advantages including a central and strategic location and outstanding quality of life. The region not only offers varied landscapes and lifestyles, but also thriving industry eco-systems built on innovations in advanced manufacturing, business services, food and beverage, healthcare and aging innovation, e-commerce/logistics, and technology.