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Apprenticeships help employers develop and prepare their future workforce through industry-driven career pathways, and help individuals obtain paid work experience, classroom instruction, and a portable, nationally recognized credential. Businesses of all sizes and types engage modern apprentices in a variety of industry and job sectors.

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GLI Employer Guide to Work-Based Learning

Download the guide here. Quality work-based learning programs provide a unique, immersive opportunity to grow talent pools in our region starting at a young age. This guide offers a series of best practices and tools to facilitate successful internship programs, apprenticeships, classroom partnerships, and more, in both in-person and virtual settings. Think of your program(s) as an introduction not only to your organization but to the Greater Louisville region.


Indiana Office of Work-Based Learning & Apprenticeship

Start a registered apprenticeship program in Indiana! The Indiana Office of Work-Based Learning and Apprenticeship (OWBLA) connects Hoosiers and Hoosier Employers by promoting and supporting Registered Apprenticeship, Certified State Earn and Learn (SEAL), and Pre-Apprenticeship programs that are certified for quality and consistency. They are comprehensive, structured, and flexible programs that include on-the-job training, related instruction, certifications, and detailed training plans. Through the U.S. Department of Labor, this program includes on-the-job training with accompanying study for a trade/profession resulting in a national industry certification with wage increases at specified timeframes. Download the toolkit here. 


Kentucky Apprenticeship Toolkit

This toolkit provides helpful steps and resources to start and register an apprenticeship program, from exploring the apprenticeship model as a workforce strategy, to launching a new program. Whether you’re a business or labor organization, an industry association or another kind of workforce intermediary, a community college or the public workforce system, or a community-based or service organization, this toolkit offer a variety of resources to allow you to both explore apprenticeship as a strategy to meet your needs for skilled workers and along with building, registering and launching your program.


Kentucky Career & Technical Education (CTE) Employer Connector

Kentucky Career & Technical Education (CTE) Employer Connector focuses on student enrollments in various CTE career pathway programs. This tool allows for a quick search in locating CTE schools offering various pathways and student enrollments within 50 miles of any zip code. The reports are produced by the Kentucky Center for Statistics utilizing data from the KY Dept. of Education’s Technical Schools and Continuous Improvement division.


Kentucky Career & Technical Education Work-Based Learning Manual

Download the PDF here. Work-Based Learning (WBL) is an effective teaching approach used to engage students in real-life occupational experiences. The purpose of this manual is to provide guidance and direction for schools when developing and implementing the components of work-based learning experiences. It incorporates structured, work-based learning activities into the curriculum, allowing a student to apply knowledge and skills learned in class and connect these learning experiences in the workplace. Work-based learning provides students with the opportunity to engage and interact with employers while learning to demonstrate essential employability and technical skills necessary for today’s workforce.

Southern Indiana Works Registered Apprenticeship Resources

Download the PDF here. Southern Indiana Works & WorkOne offer one-on-one career guidance and counseling. Employers can apply for a Next Level Jobs Employer Training Grant to train new and incumbent workers for the skills needed in their company. Employers can be reimbursed up to $5,000 for each employee, up-to-$50,000 per employer, for employees trained and retained for six months. More than 100 in-demand, high wage occupations are eligible in the priority sectors of Manufacturing, Agriculture, Construction, Health Sciences, IT/Business Services, and Transportation/Logistics.


Ivy Tech Community College Apprenticeship Programs 

Want the opportunity to get paid to go to college while getting the top-level experience an apprenticeship provides? Apprenticeship programs are an entryway into rewarding and high paying construction and mechanical careers. Ivy Tech partners with Building Trades Joint Apprenticeship Training Committees (JATC) programs across the state. Upon completion, apprentices receive a nationally recognized certificate from the (US Dept. Labor) USDOL and an Associate Applied Science (AAS) degree, with no out-of-pocket costs. Learn more and find out how to get started here!

Search Kentucky Registered Apprenticeship Programs 

Earn while you learn! It pays off from the start to be hired into one of Kentucky’s Registered Apprenticeship programs. Becoming an apprentice is an exciting first step in mastering a highly marketable skill. A Registered Apprenticeship program typically leads to expertise in one of Kentucky’s fast-growing occupations in manufacturing, construction, health care, IT, transportation, civil service, and other high-demand industries across the state. Upon graduating from a Registered Apprenticeship program, you will receive a nationally recognized industry certification. These certifications are keepers. Equally important, these apprenticeship programs are low cost or no cost to you and you earn a competitive wage while you learn.on student enrollments in various CTE career pathway programs. This tool allows for a quick search in locating CTE schools offering various pathways and student enrollments within 50 miles of any zip code. The reports are produced by the Kentucky Center for Statistics utilizing data from the KY Dept. of Education’s Technical Schools and Continuous Improvement division.


TRACK: Tech Ready Apprentices for Careers in Kentucky

The Tech Ready Apprentices for Careers in Kentucky (TRACK) youth apprenticeship program is a partnership between the Kentucky Department of Education’s Office of Career and Technical Education and the Kentucky Office of Apprenticeship to provide secondary students with career pathway opportunities in Registered Apprenticeship programs.

TRACK is a business and industry-driven program designed to create a pipeline for students to enter post-secondary apprenticeship training. Students receive a nationally recognized credential at little or no cost.


AUTOMOTIVE APPRENTICESHIP GROUP (AAG) offers you a pathway to a rewarding career as an Automotive Light Vehicle or Heavy Vehicle Technician. Whether you’re about to graduate high school or considering a total career change, choosing an AAG apprenticeship lets you learn the skills top automotive employers need while you earn a wage at the same time.


The Indiana/Kentucky/Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters (IKOCC) has helped over 35,000 people proudly build America, and entering this apprenticeship program is a great way to start your career as a carpenter, millwright, pile driver or floor coverer. IKORCC takes an “earn-as-you-learn” approach to their apprenticeship, ensuring you can earn a good, living wage with benefits for your family – right from the start. Their apprenticeship is a four-year program that gives you a solid education, in the classroom and on the job. You learn the best techniques—from the most experienced craftsmen and women in the field—building a foundation that will help you be successful throughout your career. You won’t go into debt getting your education either, in fact, you’ll make money throughout your apprenticeship.


Jefferson Built is an employer-supported apprenticeship style program for construction technology fields at Jefferson Community & Technical College. Students often ask “why do I need this class?” Jefferson BuiLT is the hands-on answer to that question in the construction technology fields. The BuiLT stands for Building Trades Leadership Training. Not only will you be getting professional instruction so that you can do the work, you’ll also receive the training you need to be a leader in your field (leaders make the most money, you know). Jefferson BuiLT is an employer-supported apprenticeship style program, so you’ll work for one of our partner employers while you take classes. If you finish your degree and you stay employed, a full-time job could be in your future.


Kentuckiana Builds is a construction pre-apprenticeship program THAT can prepare you for a quality profession like electrician, carpenter, fiber optic installer, welder and many more. This program will equip you with the hands-on skills you’ll need for the job and connect you to local employers who are hiring.

bit502: This is an apprenticeship-style training program where you’ll study computer and information technologies (CIT) while working and learning on the job. It’s a partnership between Jefferson Community & Technical College, Code Louisville and the Louisville Tech Alliance and is driven by employers. They know what they need, so the classes you’re taking aren’t wasting your time.

–  Do you like playing video games and have an idea for new ones?

–  Thought about developing a new app or improving current ones?

–  Do you have a sharp memory and an inquisitive mind, confidence around a computer and a desire to figure out how things work?

If so, you’re probably the right type of candidate for bit502! This is a path to a career that focuses on building apps, programming and mobile development. Take classes in high demand skills like Java, Python, C#, .Net, SQL, HTML, CSS, Security, Networking and Databases.

Interapt: Interapt’s long-standing Apprenticeship Program is nationally recognized and fully credentialed by the US Department of Labor. Interapt is committed to promoting industry high standards in a variety of occupations (i.e., software development, cyber security, data analytics, application development, product management, UX/UI design, etc.), and ensuring an incredibly high success rate for our learners. Once learners successfully complete the immersive technical skills training, they are welcomed into an apprenticeship pathway where they are prepared to work in a fulfilling career as a Software Engineer, IT Project Manager, or UX/UI Designer where they continue to sharpen their skills.

Upon the successful completion of Interapt’s apprenticeship program, talent can anticipate receiving the following:

– Portable, recognized technology training certificate issued by the Department of Labor.

– A pathway to a dynamic career in a high-demand field, and an alternative to an expensive college degree.

– A way to move to a higher-level job in one’s current field, or transition between careers while still learning an income.

For more information, contact Merabeth Martin, President of Interapt Skills at

HVAC ASSOCIATES: This organization provides result-oriented apprenticeship opportunities in the HVAC, plumbing & electrical trades. HVAC Associates offers training and continuing education seminars for trades contractors and personnel, trade associations, code enforcement, facility maintenance, distributors and manufacturers. View their list of training programs here.

LOUISVILLE ELECTRICAL JATC: With the Kentuckiana Electrical Apprenticeship & Training Program, apprentices receive five years of classroom-related electrician training and are required to achieve a minimum of 8000 on-the-job work hours. Work hours are accomplished with the job assignments to participating employers. Apprentices attend 22 eight-hour class sessions during the day over the course of a school year. These 22 sessions average out to two sessions per month, with the remaining days on the job. All apprentices are registered with the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the U S Department of Labor. They complete the Program with an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science, an electrical license from the State of Kentucky, a 10-Hour OSHA card, current CPR, AED, First Aid, and Bloodborne Pathogens cards. See the program flyer here.

THE JOHNSON GROUP: This organization has an opportunity to learn a trade while working towards becoming a Master Electrician in a State accredited apprenticeship program! Apprentices will earn while they learn with a 40 hours per week work schedule, on the job instruction, apprenticeship school one night a week, and first aid training. The Johnson Group has completed numerous Industrial, Commercial and Residential jobs across Kentuckiana over the past 15 years. Customers include local schools and school boards, restaurants, healthcare facilities, short-term living facilities, and more! To apply or learn more, contact Jennifer Baker at or 502-412-6343.

IRON WORKERS LOCAL 70 JATC (APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM): This organization offers a four-year apprenticeship and employment program in structural steel, reinforcing steel, welding, factory maintenance and more. Their training center is approved by the Kentucky and US Dept. of Labor, and is a certified AWS Training and Testing Facility. Their teachers are MSHA and OSHA Certified Outreach Providers. With every new job, their members are taught to see it as an opportunity to become a better craftsman, learn from the most critical down to the simplest detail. The future of our region depends on our contractor’s success, and that starts by employing the best trained, safest, and most productive ironworkers.

This Apprenticeship Program provides an excellent opportunity to learn a craft that will provide lifelong security with excellent wages and benefits. Apprentices earn while they learn by completing 208 classroom hours and 1500 hours of on-the-job training (OJT).

JCTC LINEMAN TRAINING PROGRAM: The Lineman Training program provides students the instruction and training to embark on a career as a line technician in the utility industry. JCTC uses a comprehensive curriculum, up-to-date training methods, and industry-standard equipment to provide students with an excellent training experience. Their instructors are Journeymen linemen with years of industry and training experience. Once you become a lineworker, you’ll have the opportunity to advance up a well-defined career path, growing your skills and experience. Learn more here.

KENTUCKIANA MACHINING ASSOCIATION (KMA): is a chapter of the National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA) serving the Louisville, Southern Indiana, and the surrounding area. In 1976 the KMA established an apprenticeship training program to satisfy state and federal education requirements specific to machinists, tool and die makers. Benefits to this program include:

– Free job placement assistance, and 100% employment across 4 years.

– Earn while going to school and graduate with 4 years on the job experience.

– Employers pay 100% tuition in most cases, books and fees are included.

– Classes 1 night per week saving travel time. All classes are specific to the technical core. No electives or unnecessary general education requirements.

– Graduate debt-free making a high salary comparable to business and engineering majors.

HIGH VIBE HEALING ARTS MASSAGE SCHOOL: This school offers a 670-hour, boutique-style program designed to cultivate health and wellness professionals who are equipped to build a sustainable career in the field. High Vibe School offers an accelerated six-month path, as well as a 12-month path. 

Norton Healthcare Center for Nursing Practice: This program is looking for exceptional student nurses for its Student Nurse Apprenticeship Program (SNAP). SNAP is the first prelicensure nursing apprenticeship program in the United States, and reinforces nursing education and patient safety, awareness of the professional nurse role, and an appreciation of organizational structures and operations within a health care setting. This is a paid apprenticeship providing educational and clinical experiences for 12 to 18 months in preparation for a registered nurse role after graduation. To discuss this opportunity, email

WALGREENS: Impact communities and impact your future with the Pharmacy Technician Apprenticeship program with Walgreens. Each day is a new opportunity to build relationships and help customers, helping them find more joyful lives through better health. Walgreens pharmacies are filled with innovation, new technologies and so many ways to learn and grow, and through their programs, you’ll get the tools and support you need to move your career forward. Walgreens is proud to invest & champion an “earn while you learn” Pharmacy Technician Training Program recognized by ASHP & Department of Labor. This apprenticeship program gives you an entry point to a career in health care by guiding you in taking steps towards becoming a Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) Certified Pharmacy Technician and helping you maintain the high level of skill required in the pharmacy care industry. 

HVAC ASSOCIATES: This organization provides result-oriented apprenticeship opportunities in the HVAC, plumbing & electrical trades. HVAC Associates offers training and continuing education seminars for trades contractors and personnel, trade associations, code enforcement, facility maintenance, distributors and manufacturers. View their list of training programs here.

UA LOCAL 502: UA Local 502 apprentices learn through both classroom and on-the-job training in what is considered by many to be the best construction industry apprentice program in the world. Local 502’s Training Facility boasts state-of-the-art equipment and training programs that include specialized processes, accelerated welding training, certification programs, college degree programs, and much more. Their skilled instructors provide advanced training for each apprentice to maximize their employability and prepare them for a life-long career. As part of the training program, apprentices will also earn an associate degree in Applied Science through Ivy Tech Community College. The degree is built into the program, and will be awarded upon completion of the apprenticeship. Download the program brochure here. 

RETAIL LEADERS APPRENTICESHIP: The Kentucky Retail Institute, in partnership with the MBA Research & Curriculum Center, is proud to launch a first-of-its-kind Retail Leaders Apprenticeship Program to deliver on-the-job education and training for future retail leaders nationwide. The retail industry is the nation’s largest private-sector employer, supporting 1 in 4 jobs nationwide. Join us in training the country’s future retail leaders. The Retail Leaders program provides students and working adults with the comprehensive training and education they need for a stable and successful career. View the program flyer here. 
As of Summer 2022, Kentucky apprenticeship programs have shown great success, with the following statistics:
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APPRENTICESHIPS - 250 statistic white
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